Space: The final frontier for weed.
Space: The final frontier for weed. ANDRZEJ WOJCICKI VIA GETTY IMAGES

This week, weed got higher than ever when it was launched into space by cannabis company Herban Planet. And CBD is no longer considered “doping’ by the world authority that administers drug testing for Olympians. Read on.

World Anti-Doping Agency Makes a Dope Decision

The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA), which governs drug testing in the Olympics and sets anti-doping rules for hundreds of sports leagues around the world, has removed CBD from its list of banned substances for 2018—which means athletes can now take it to deal with their aches and pains. Synthetic cannabinoids and “cannabidiol extracted from cannabis plants” containing THC (read: weed), however, are still banned.

Dreamer Faces Deportation for Just a Gram of Pot

Leafly reports on the troubling case of Luis Alvarez, who had a misdemeanor cannabis possession charge when cops found a gram of pot in his car during a traffic stop. Despite the fact the DACA’s final fate is now up in the air thanks to Trump, it still shouldn’t matter that Alvarez had a gram of pot, since, according to the article:

Under Immigration and Naturalization Act, a person with Alvarez’s immigration status can be deported for a violation of any controlled substance law “other than a single offense involving possession for one’s own use of 30 grams or less of marijuana.”

Nevertheless, the case to deport Alvarez has made it all the way up to the Board of Immigration Appeals. Meanwhile, Alvarez’s bond has been denied and he’s been sitting in jail for the last five months.

Gorilla Glue in a Sticky Situation

The famous Gorilla Glue strain, named for its “stickiness,” will now have to be named something else. In a settlement over a trademark infringement case from an Ohio-based glue maker, the Las Vegas company that develops the strain has a year to stop using the name Gorilla and any images of gorillas, for that matter, on their products. The company president said the rebranding effort will cost them $250,000. (Rebranding idea: call it “Guerilla Glue,” replace with image of Che Guevara?)

Live Near a Dispensary? Your Home Is Probably Worth More

A new study called “Contact High” examined the effect that marijuana legalization had on housing prices in Denver neighborhoods, and found that “retail conversions” of medical dispensaries to legal pot shops increased the value of single-family residences “within .1 mile of a retail conversion by over 8 percent more relative to comparable properties farther away (between .1 and .25 mile away) over that year.”

If Urine Trouble, Washington Cops Can’t Randomly Test Your Pee

The Washington State Supreme Court ruled that random urinalysis testing for people arrested while driving under the influence is unconstitutional. The decision was based on a 2015 case in which three Spokane residents with DUIs were ordered to take urine tests as a condition of their release before trial. The court determined that "urinalysis is at least as invasive as a roadblock or a pat down search,” deeming it an invasion of privacy.

Spaced-Out Weed

Cannabis company Herban Planet sent a pound of weed called Space Weed Bro attached to a weather balloon into space. Ignore the cheesy music and skip to about 2:45 for some super cool shots of weed getting high… above the planet.