Matt Mondanile: alleged serial sexual abuser.
Matt Mondanile: alleged serial sexual abuser. Adela Loconte / Getty

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In the wake of the New Yorker report exposing Harvey Weinstein’s serial sexual assault allegations, a multitude of women have been coming forward and sharing their experiences of sexual assault from musicians, film crews, and other members of the entertainment industry.

The hashtag, #MeToo, is also shining light on this, asking folks to post the hashtag if they've ever been a victim of sexual assault or harassment.

Here's a quick recap of allegations in the music industry that have surfaced in just the past week:

Nelly has been accused of rape.

Bjork accused a Danish film director (assumed to be the only Danish film director Bjork has ever worked with Lars von Trier) of sexually harassing her.

Rapper Kodak Black has been indicted on criminal sexual assault charges.

Gaslamp Killer has been accused of drugging and raping two women.

Flying Lotus later defended Gaslamp Killer and said that “The Internet is a fucking liar,” after playing a Gaslamp Killer track at his show on Oct. 14, a reference to the fact that these claims surfaced online.

Alex Calder has been dropped from his label after being accused of sexual assault.

Polish rock band Decapitated have been charged with rape and kidnapping after an incident on their tour bus earlier this month.

Another accusation that has surfaced this week came from a report from SPIN, where seven women came forward and shared their accounts with former Real Estate guitarist, Matt Mondanile. Mondanile was fired from the band in 2016 in response to these allegations, and has been recently performing as his solo act, Ducktails.

In the report, Mondanile is accused of groping women in their sleep, dry-humping women while they were sleeping, forcibly kissing women without their consent, and coming into women’s apartments without asking or being asked, along with many other violations of consent. These allegations span over the course of 11 years.

SPIN said that they reached out numerous times for comment from Mondanile, and that he either declined to comment or did not respond at all. Pitchfork said that they received a blanket statement denial of wrongdoing from Mondanile.

However, after one of the sources in the SPIN report tweeted publicly about Mondanile, he responded:

He sent her multiple messages pleading with her and tacitly acknowledging that he recognized he’d behaved inappropriately with women in the past. “I just don’t know how to say this other than I’m not so old and I have so much life to live,” he wrote in part. “I’ve learned from my mistakes and been very good for a long time.”

The report found that over the 11 years of allegations, eight years overlapped with his time in Real Estate. SPIN speculated that because of this, Real Estate most likely knew about Mondanile’s behavior long before they fired him from the band.

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However, this is unfortunately the status quo in the entertainment industry. Chris Brown, R. Kelly, Jared Leto, XXXTentacion, Kodak Black, and of course the President, Donald J. Trump, are just some alleged abusers who continue to be supported.

According to RAINN, 321,500 people age 12 and over are victims of rape and sexual assault per year in the United States. That means about every 98 seconds, an American is assaulted.

This is why it's important to read these reports, believe them, and then act on your beliefs. It's unacceptable to support known abusers. Whether it's listening to their music, going to their shows, or even being fans of their work, we must stop supporting them and allowing them to continue this type of behavior.