Give Scott a listen, and consider buying the Gun album!
Give Scott a listen, and consider buying the Gun album!

You may have heard by now that the precious natural musical and human resource known as Scott McCaughey suffered a stroke yesterday while on tour with Alejandro Escovedo in San Francisco. As of this moment he is in stable condition and recovering.

While he's occupied with that difficult work, I propose that everyone take a few minutes and listen to some of his music. I further recommend that you consider purchasing the album I consider his masterpiece, The Minus 5 also known as The Gun Album. (I confess a small bias because I sing harmonies on two songs, but I assure you, the mastery couldn't have less to do with me.)

Even if everyone who has been a member of the Minus 5 at one time or another shelled out $10 for a copy, we might even be able to make it chart. I'm sure he'd prefer you get it at a record store, but digital options abound, as well.

In the meantime, here's a very short list of some McCaughey songs to get you started on a weekend, if not, indeed, a lifetime, of listening pleasure, so that we can all be prepared for his comeback.



Selections rom the aforementioned STLP:

...and here's his 10-minute epic about Michael Nesmith, sooo....


And a short bit about his sunglasses...