Roddimus: Constantly collect tracks, keep them dancing for as long as possible, and have fun.
Roddimus: "Constantly collect tracks, keep people dancing for as long as possible, and have fun." Nikki M.


Current top 5 tracks:

Skee Mask, "Routine" (Ilian Tape)

Ray Kajiok, "The Ratchet (The Persuader Remix)" (Kanzleramt)

Hatikvah, "Modern Times (Efdemin Remix)" (Suol)

Lauhaus, "Facing East" (Danse Club)

Forest Drive West, "Static" (Livity Sound)

Crew/label affiliations: Crew: Sweatbox; labels: Mindshift, Peloton"

Styles played: "Techno, house."

DJing philosophy: "Don't step in front of the music, constantly collect tracks, keep them dancing for as long as possible, and have fun. Techno is a vast and extremely powerful genre. It gives everyone ample room as a DJ to develop and present their own unique perspectives on the music and what it can do. Dig deep enough and you can help create some incredibly special experiences."

Events organized: "These days, Sweatbox is primarily focused on special one-off events at off-the-grid locations, although we've been celebrating our yearly 12-hour anniversary marathon parties at Kremwerk each spring, this year with Cosmin TRG as our headliner. We just threw an amazing all-night party where Eric Cloutier played for six hours, and it was by far one of our best to date. Our Detroit People Movers collab with Mindshift had Eddie Fowlkes and Santiago Salazar tagging until the lights came on. And our Summer Nights collab with Mokedo had Neel of Voices from the Lake banging it out until the sun came up (we also gave out free sunglasses to everyone who made it until the end).

"I've also worked off and on with Eugene Fauntleroy of Looters Records to throw Weird Room at Nacho Borracho. Those parties are truly something unique when they happen. Twenty people crammed into a tiny room at the back of a Mexican bar, losing their shit to the hardest techno in Seattle. It's a total experiment in dance music that doesn't seem like it should work, but it totally does! Like a rave diorama.

"Sweatbox is poised to celebrate 10 years in this city in 2018, and things have never looked better. We'll continue to keep the techno torch burning in Seattle, with a fun-loving, but also no-bullshit, approach to the music and events. It's been great to see the techno scene truly flourish here over the past five years; for a while, we were one of the few local crews fighting the good fight. Now quality techno is on tap almost every weekend. I can't wait to see what the coming year will bring!"

Format: "Digital (CDJ 2000s) and some occasional vinyl."

Worst request: "Lynyrd Skynyrd."

Upcoming events:
11-22: Depth @ Contour w/ Cyanwave, Ed Beier
12-8: DJ Jes @ Nightjar
Weird Room @ Nacho Borracho (TBA)