Praise Jesus, the Lyfties are out.
Praise Jesus, the Lyfties are out. Ron Wurzer/Getty Images

As part of their annual "Lyftie Awards," cab/big data company Lyft has released their list of the most visited locations in Seattle for 2017. Drum roll please...

Restaurant: Art Marble 21
Now, The Stranger has never heard of this place, much less walked through their shiny South Lake Union doors, but based on the website, it looks to be a sort of adult playhouse, bar, and eatery, with elements of both casual (pool tables, Skee-Ball, arcade games) and faux fancy (fireplace, Edison bulbs). The place has three out of five stars on Yelp. According to Yelp reviewer Stefanie O., who went to Art Marble 21 for an app, wine, and free wifi after a long day of work, "Those bartenders were amazing!!! Seriously... the brunette was exactly the amount of attentive I needed. I was freezing when I came in and she got me my wine and a hot glass of water to just hold my hands on to warm up... who does that??" Art Marble 21 does, apparently, and Stefanie gives it 5 stars. Now, not everyone is a fan. Take Yordanos A. of Seattle, who went to the place for some drinks with a few friends: "Incredibly rude! ... I can't believe the service we received and I will absolutely not be returning to this place." One Star!

In addition to Art Marble 21, Lyft users' most frequented locations are: Fremont Brewing, SafeCo Field, the University of Washington, Pike Place Market, and Nordstrom, which will someday be a giant Amazon Locker. Stay tuned for Uber's list, which will likely be... exactly the same.