A resident of Seouls Blind Alley.
A resident of Seoul's Blind Alley. Instagram/Mongsilu

If you live in Seattle and need something furry to touch while you sip your coffee, you can visit one of our recently installed cat cafes. Being allergic to cats myself (in mind, not body), I've yet to/will never enter one of these places. But Rich did and says it was "as depressing as a strip club." If, however, you visit Seoul, you can still play with furry animals over coffee and lessen your chance of getting cat-induced toxoplasmosis.

At Blind Alley cafe, patrons interact with real, live raccoons, at least if they wake up enough to pay attention to you. As of this fall, there were at least three raccoons, as well as a companion corgi in residence. Here's a video from 2016:

And some pics, because that's really why you're here.

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The rare short-tailed ginger raccoon

Now, I know what you're thinking: "WTF YOU MONSTER THIS IS CRUELTY TO ANIMALS GET PETA ON THE LINE STAT." And you're probably right. Raccoons are wild animals and instead of being harassed by dumb humans, they should be left alone to eat garbage out of the dumpster like God intended. Can't argue with you there, but if I ever find myself in Seoul, I may just peek in the window.