This happened, and it went viral.

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Pretty much everybody has a camera on their phones these days, so all manner of videos hit the internet at a rapid, rather relentless rate. Of course, there are always those super special, unforgettable ones that are so outrageous, funny, bizarre or appalling, they stick with us long after we watched them, living on forever in our collective consciousness—or until we forget about the latest one in favor of the next unbelievable viral sensation...

Maybe you've seen all of the videos included on this list of favorites—WATCH THEM AGAIN. Maybe you haven't—WATCH THEM FOR THE FIRST TIME. I will guarantee your entertainment for a minimum of 5 minutes, or until your attention is caught by some other damn thing.

A note: We did not include YouTube's No. 1 most viral video, a man in a full-body oyster suit performing on a Thailand show called The Mask Singer, 'cause that shit's just weird. Click the link if you are compelled to see it...

1) Those kids who interrupted their dad's remote interview on BBC America:

2) We're not sure why so many people liked "Rule Breaker"—it had more than 4.3 million views on YouTube as of this writing—but we were addicted it, maybe because it ends so abruptly and surprisingly.

3) Katy Perry singing "Last Friday Night" in Simlish (aka, the Sim language)

4) I don't know where it was filmed but the "Awesome Life Star Wars gag" makes me wish I lived there, or at least visited at just the right moment.

5) "Nerds Beatbox in the Hood"

6) A great BatDad Vine Compilation (with nearly 3 million views)

7) "History of the Entire World, I Guess" is 20 minutes long, but worth watching, even if you have to do it in chunks.

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8) "INAUGURATION DAY" — A Bad Lip Reading of Donald Trump's Inauguration

9) From The Daily Show: #DentureDonald Slurs Through a White House Address

10) And ... that guy who got dragged off an overbooked United flight. Never forget.