Presley and Goldblum, a king and a prince.
Presley and Goldblum, a king and a prince.

Christmas is almost here, Hanukkah's almost over, the House just passed the Rich People Are More Equal Than Poor People Tax Act, and the Senate seems likely to do the same. Plus it's raining, the sky is black, it will always be freezing.

What I'm saying is: Don't you deserve a gift? Yes, you do.

The wonderful elves at Shout! Factory have created just the thing, in the form of a new podcast, which employs the audio tracks of interviews and commentaries created for their (always stellar) reissues of cult films. The first installment accompanies the Blu-ray of Into the Night, John Landis's fantastic, oddly underseen 1985 comedy thriller starring a young Michelle Pfeiffer and a slightly less-young Jeff Goldblum.

The Jeff Goldblum interview captured on this podcast is pure joy from beginning to end. It's like he unscrews the top of his head and allows the fascinating, bizarre, discursive, halting, self-interruptive, self-aware, hilarious-but-secretly-very-serious thought process that clearly informs his acting choices and line readings to step into the spotlight where it has obviously always belonged.

He talks about his career, his co-stars (including Pfeiffer, David Bowie, and a ton of people from other films), his past, his music, his love of the brilliant and underrated Pfeiffer-and-Jeff Bridges film The Fabulous Baker Boys, and most intriguingly, the ways he wishes he had chosen to play the role of Ed Okin in Into the Night differently (while also pitching a sequel).

And it just goes on and on. The only flaw is that it isn't twice as long. (If you're one of those people who believe podcasts should be arbitrarily abbreviated, the second episode, featuring the differently-great-but-definitely-great John Lithgow on the decidedly-less-great The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai, is much shorter.)

Anyway, yes. The world is grim, but surely we can all agree on Jeff Goldblum, right? Happy holidays. Gold bless us, everyone.