In fact... he's, like, super smart and stuff. This morning's twitter rant, direct from Camp David:

Usually people who boast about being stable and smart are neither. So this is either another one of the norms Trump has violated — he's actually, like, stable and smart — or he's a stupid fucking lunatic who watches Fox & Friends while fingering his big, powerful button. Take your pick.

And you know who else won the presidency on his very first try, Donald Dick? Barack Obama. Also: George W. Bush, Bill Clinton, Jimmy Carter, JFK, LBJ, Ike, FDR. Who didn't win it on their very first tries? Ronald Reagan, George H. W. Bush, Richard Nixon. So Democratic presidents are, like, on average, really smart — way smarter, if "first try" is the standard, than Republican presidents.

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And here he is defending his "stable genius" tweet this morning at Camp David...

Yeah, it's too bad we live in a country where you "can say whatever comes to your head." Nothing tightening up those libels laws and feeding the U.S. Constitution into a shredder won't take care of.