Attorney General, chess player, magazine writer
Attorney General, chess player, magazine writer JOE MABEL/WIKIMEDIA COMMONS

Washington State Attorney General Bob Ferguson is no stranger to writing for American legacy magazines. Back in May, Ferguson put together an opinion piece for Time Magazine predicting that the Trump administration's "aggressive" approach to issues like immigration and climate change will eventually lead to his downfall. The whole piece was one big chess analogy.

Now, Ferguson has added another publication to his writing resume. In a piece for Newsweek, Ferguson invites Attorney General Jeff Sessions to meet with him over last week's decision to rescind a memo that allowed legal weed markets to flourish without fear of federal prosecution.

He flexes his 19 lawsuits against President Trump (five successful, 14 pending), and says any attack on Washington's recreational marijuana market would likely be met with more litigation.

The issue of marijuana legalization demands a conversation based on the facts. It is too important for veiled threats, miscommunication and uncertainty.

Let me tell you what is certain: I will defend the will of the voters in my state. I have filed 19 lawsuits against the Trump administration, so I have some experience in the courtroom with the federal government.

Five of those cases are over, and there are no more appeals. We are 5-0.

If Sessions tries to stop my state from moving forward with marijuana legalization, he can expect another legal fight.

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