"Shithole Countries": This Is An Actual Headline at The Washington Post


I bet he'd prefer to put them in "camps".
Do you wonder if it was Trump who personally ordered the ICE to uselessly raid those 7-11s? Like he was watching Simpsons one day, saw Apu, confused him for a Mexican illegal immigrant, and thought somebody should do something about it?
Sometimes I wonder if he had an attention span on top of his ignorance, he could actually learn something. He does ask the right questions sometimes. Yes, why do all these people keep coming here? What's making life in their own countries terrible enough that they do? There are actually really good answers to that question. Not that Trump would bother listening, but it's a question that more people should be asking.
Someday the Donald won't be President anymore, and then the news will be boring again.
A lot of people don't like change. These people are moving for better jobs, but perhaps they think it would be to difficult to leave a country where the poor are horribly exploited, the President is a corrupt moron, there's no healthcare system, and society is in terminal decline to somewhere completely. So moving to the US is a nice, small, gentle transition.
Jake for President.
Is ‘shithole countries’ in The Bible?
Defend that, B0BBY.

nearly all immigration is from Shitholes. it was during the 19th Century. why else would you leave?
America is a shithole so people from those countries are simply making a lateral change. Norwegians would be moving several steps down by coming here.

Anyway, Trump's language is sure to excite his supporters. His supporters think America is better than Africa or Haiti and they talk the same way Trump does. They like having a bullying know-nothing asshole as their leader.
Poor Chuck Todd. On MSNBC now, he's having to say s-hole (the letter S), which just comes out sounding like "asshole."
@9 America certainly has it's problems, but I expect life here is a good deal better than life in Haiti.
@10: Wolf on CNN was also just saying "s-hole". But commentator Philip Mudd on his show was saying the full "shithole" left and right in a rant.
@12: Nice how you link to the Walmart bonus story but not to the Sam's Club layoffs story.
@Muffy- Capitalist greedy pigs in the US don't limit their exploitation of people to their borders. Haiti's a shit hole and the US has a huge role in making it one.
People leave shithole countries for the US in order to get back some of what the US stole from their country, turning it into a shithole.
@12, We're not annexing Haiti, we just occasionally welcome some of its otherwise decent citizens as immigrants. Of course you know that and are just pretending to have no idea what people are so upset about, and then tossing out some whatabout bullshit for good measure, because your favorite president is showing his racist ass yet again.

Weird, he's on CNN, yes? Wouldn't think that'd make it through their censors. Must be kinda fun & liberating to here it on broadcast. I always get a kick out of live athlete interviews when they (inadvertently or otherwise) spew some playful language.
@12: The full bonuses are for the rarefied group of WalMart Employees who have worked there for 20 years or more, of which there aren't too many. I think the average bonus will be about $190. Oh, and they closed a bunch of Sam's Clubs today too, including the three in King County.
And I'm guessing this is what @13 was referring to... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aTzqvrBF…

Pretty powerful and well delivered message, sordid language or not.
This may earn me some undeserved titles, and yet it should be noticed that one of the very few foreign governments to be so close to the Trump regime is the current Israeli one.
For the Israeli right it’s an opportunity to further their occupation agenda without worrying about local voters and international pressure, while local US militant white “Christians” brush aside racism accusations.
“Who, me? Racist? I support the Jews.”
@21: But it feels so good to get it off your chest, doesn't it?
rain dear,
Actually no. It's a terrible situation that has been going on for years, enabling Israeli right wingers to get away with policies that many Israeli voters would have not approved in the first place.
In the process Israel is becoming more and more corrupt, another well-armed religious-nationalistic country.

But what could Netanyahu, a corrupt, far-right, racist, Islamophobic leader who openly courts extremists, who desperately wants war in the Middle East, and who only this week was seen to have a spoiled idiot son who stupidly boasts about Daddy's corrupt relationships possibly have in common with Trump?
Why are so many presidents coming from shithole places like Trump Tower?
Thanks @ 24. For those who don’t know, the reference to the PM’s son is a video recording of him aired by Israeli TV earlier this week in which he is sitting in a strip club with some friends (as well as state paid driver and security personnel), telling one of them he should forgo the 400 shekels that Netanyahu junior owes him because, “My dad just fixed yours a [gas drilling] deal in the billions.”
He also boasted he can arrange all of them to fuck some woman he was with. But that’s only small change.

There are also three additional submarines that were ordered from Germany despite the navy’s protest. Commanders and negotiators were changed to make sure the deal goes through. Some of them are closely related to PM Netanyahu, there’s a cousin and a personal lawyer among them, and they all got bribes from the shipyard.
The investigation, like all others in which the PM was involved at, is hushed by his own appointed attorney general.

Such level of arrogance and contempt for local and international laws would have not been thinkable, let alone possible, if it wasn’t for the ongoing US government and other US-based organizations blind "support."
Israel is pretty sad these days. There are a lot of good people still there, but that doesn't seem to be enough.

Not that I'm I in any position to look down, mind you.
muffy, Walmart was already scheduled to raise it to $10. This just keeps them in pace with Target, which is scheduled to raise its entry wage to 15 in 2020. Meanwhile, Walmart is laying of thousands at its Sam stores.
Credit where it's due. Dan brought it. Well done.
Leave it to liberals to deny reality. It’s not like Americans (or Dan Savage) are booking vactions to El Salvador, natural-disaster ridden Haiti, war-ravaged Chad or the Ebola-infected Sierra Leone. Those countries are exactly what they are because if they weren’t their citizens wouldn’t be rushing to the U.S. using any means necessary even at the risk of merciful death to get here. Ive worked with real immigrants from those parts of the world and even they say their country is a shit hole, guaranteed death and “a pit”. And these wonderful people arent working for Jeff Bezos or The Stranger, no, they are cleaning up after liberal ass wipes who trash hotel rooms, puke and deficate in public restrooms without making any attempt to clean up after themselves. The same liberal contextualists who dont really care enough to get to know them because they’re too busy running off to the next protest. As for the shit hole countries that do exist, many I know dont back the sentiment but definitely back the reality liberals dont get and their perspective is very interesting with claims such that decades of money being spent and wasted in their country IS the US’s fault in part because it throws money at the leaders of those countries who put their own self-interests ahead of their people. Liberals dont really know crap because if they did, they may have to get to know real immigrants and asylum seekers and they dont work nor are they representatives at The Washington Post. They work at the Sheraton, The Hilton, The Convention Center and The Space Needle. You’ll know them because they will be holding a broom, a mop and a bucket, working three jobs and still be happier in the US than most people from here. There are 7 billion people on planet earth and they ALL cant live here. But hey, I challenge any liberal to put their money where their mouth is and move for one single year to Sierra Leone, Chad, Haiti, El Salvador and really prove that it really isnt, in fact a shit hole and to justify moving an entire third world nation to say, Seattle.
@30, He was talking about people, dumb ass. He doesn’t even have the same surprisingly nuanced* view about immigrants from less fortunate countries as you (*for a dipshit like you at least). He called them shitholes because to him it means their citizens are not worthy to come here.
@30: that's quite the straw man you built there. how long did it take you?
kinda weird how little people have to say about the active role of the us has in creating the situation of these countries, it's so weird it's like i dunno just putting this out there, that most are less ideologue than they are identitarian and chauvinist?
@30- ROT

Honestly I'm not sure what you are saying so I'm asking for clarification. Are you saying that liberals are wrong to be offended by / opposed to Trump's words here because these places are in fact shit holes that Seattle liberals can't imagine?

I feel like we're having a moment similar to when Trump made that pussy grabbing statement and all those people came out with bizarre statements about how liberals are hypocrites to be offended by foul language.
As impolitic (and probably racist) as his choice of language is, he did actually manage to identify a salient point that answers his own question. People aren't clamoring to come to the USA for better opportunities in countries where most people are doing well, they're trying to escape places ravaged by war, poverty, colonialism, imperialism, natural disasters, etc. People generally emigrate to try to be better-off, not worse-off.
@18: CNN is cable, not broadcast, so they can say/air people saying "shit" and its various portmanteaus however much they want (they generally don't becasue of their own editorial standards).
@3 “He [Trump] does ask the right questions sometimes. ‘Yes, why do all these people keep coming here? What's making life in their own countries terrible enough that they do?’

There are actually really good answers to that question. Not that Trump would bother listening, but it's a question that more people should be asking.”

@33 “kinda weird how little people have to say about the active role of the us has in creating the situation of these countries…”

Yes. And yes. More people (thanks, Prez!) DO need to ask those questions. But we are purposely kept ignorant. Network - corporate - teevee will never speak of the messes we make, the elections We the People steal for multinational corporations (the ones they won't ever tell you about, but still, it's our government and they're doing them in our name), the over-throwing of governments (like Iran).

Apparently, it's none of our business.

Our ignorance can't make US complicit, can it?