As Washington state lawmakers consider banning the use of past salaries in hiring, Seattle's biggest employer has already ended the practice.

Amazon informed employees this month that recruiters and interviewers can no longer ask interviewees what they made at their last job or consider their past pay. Basing pay on past salaries is one way gender and racial wage gaps can persist.

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The policy change comes after California, New York City, and other jurisdictions passed similar bans. Amazon has 30,000 employees in California, the second highest number in any state after Washington.

When asked about the decision, an Amazon spokesperson said only, “We think this is the right thing to do for our current and future employees." Buzzfeed reported on the change last week and has the full text of Amazon's announcement to recruiters. The statement says the move is "in response" to changes in city and state law.

After shareholder pressure in 2016, Amazon released a review of its employee pay and said it does not have a race or gender pay gap among its employees. However, the company is male dominated. At the time, women made up 39 percent of its workforce and just 24 percent of managers.