Heckler Who Derailed Rose McGowan Book Tour Now Accused of Sexual Misconduct


In "outrage culture" nobody is pure enough.
The extreme left and extreme right are so very much alike. You're never pure enough and are always in need of supplication and begging forgiveness for being such a rotten sinner.

It's not a movement: it's a cult.
this post wasn't long enough.
Thanks for digging into the accusations. That kind of behavior from back in 2010 is pretty damning.
This is the relentless march toward true equality. Sooner or later, we will all get our turn in the shame spotlight. Yay.
McGowan's views on trans women and womanhood are somewhat TERFy - but there's got to be a way to talk about trans women having not grown up as a woman - treated by society as a woman - without being "exclusionary". I'm still a little stuck on Dolezal - she couldn't be black because she didn't grow up black, and therefore couldn't fully internalize what that meant or how it affected [her] fundamental perspective on the world... for the purposes of cultural womanhood (and not 'growing breasts' or having a period, as McGowan states) is there a way for this to be a valid differentiation without being a TERF?

Also, your weekly reminder: Rose McGowan isn't "spirited", she's a fucking maniac with BPD and NPD.
This has nothing to do with purity. Rose McGowan seems to have serious mental health problems, but regardless she is a loose cannon who has no business holding a microphone in front of a large crowd. She couldn’t make it through the first (!) stop on a national press tour without having a meltdown, and even her highly choreographed tv appearances were a mess. Pulling the plug on her appearances now is an act of mercy for everyone involved. Neither she nor the child predator who triggered her deserve anyone’s pity for what has happened to them (at least regarding these specific circumstances).
Jeebus Tapdancing Kee-rist what a shitshow.

It's almost as if everyone involved was doing their absolute level best to discredit #metoo and trans rights movements.
Wait, wait...what does this person's alleged history have to do with what she's saying as a trans person? I mean, I think attacking McGowan over this is ridiculous anyway--McGowan is advocating for women, not trans people, and that's totally fine. She doesn't have to advocate for everybody, and it's OK for her to be explicit about furthering the cause of sexual harassment and predatory behavior as it specifically relates to women. But if she is transphobic, and if this person called her out on it, why does this invalidate what she's saying? Does her past behavior mean she's no longer trans or something?
Real life imitates The Onion.
I'm a bigger victim.

NO! I'M a bigger victim!




Business as usual in Leftist Looneytown
@9 IF (big if) Andi is an actual sexual predator, the headline should read:

Sexual predator derails first stop on Rose McGowan’s anti-sexual predator tour.
There once was a screamer so "Brave"-
Attention she needed and craved-
A book she did write-
For Hollywood - and Feminism she did smite-
And now that it's done -
With her funny book tour dry run
Wont even be seen in daylight!
@9 I don't think what she said has been invalidated at all considering it's the primary reason McGowan canceled her tour. She just happened to end up in the spotlight while having a well-documented history of trolling for 13 year-olds.
paedoautogynophelia is the new she's-not-one-of-us, and on that note welcome to how quickly gains for trans people are set back; every trans woman in prison now has a dier circumstamce to overcome to be kept with other women, same for those who want to work with kids.

mcgowan is cool, seattle arts 'n lectures is not cool, the men psycholigizing mcgowan are way lame, like my level lame.
I don’t see the connection between Andi Dier’s teenage sexual behavior and her current criticism of McGowan’s ongoing transphobic statements, unless that connection is that of a straw man. If the only “real” activists are the ones who have never sinned, it’s no wonder we don’t have enough.
The left practices religion even worse than the right. Who’da thought...
@16 separating the art from the artists, interesting concept! There's some /s but it's double reverse /s: i think we should consider Dier's questions completely separately from whatever else she did. Same goes for Close, Trump, etc. Maybe even Cosby??
lisen up, we need to look at what dier did seperate from her previous actions, while she accuses mcgowan of not doing enough for dier, it's called fairness; fair's fair after all.
@18 Oh look, it’s a troll. Cosby & Trump have both taken advantage of their celebrity status to assault women throughout their long career. Dier has some reports of bad behavior as a teenager. Those things are really different. Dier is also not a celebrity. Please consider cultural context with your judgement.
Looks like Dier is getting a pass from a lot of people because she identifies as trans.
"What have you done for the trans community"--what bullshit. She, or anyone, owes them nothing.
Is covering social justice intersectional cannibalism your new assignment or something, Katie? Because I'm really liking it so far.
@15 @19, Could you please grab an English grammar and a dictionary? You'll make your point far more effectively if you can write a coherent sentence.
@23 uh, maybe you got to get up in brains rather. maybe yell at a woman talking about her rape instead; how much of grammer she has gotten us excelling at and not aswell? not many i bet. no worries. plus you can skeeze on anyone if you're yelling at a woman after, so do that too.
And Dier worked undercover stings at these malls specially to catch these types of predators so this story is quite complicated.

I won't ever disbelieve accusers but there has to be a public accuser to believe; otherwise, it is just libelous gossip apparently coming from McGowen's people designed to discredit. This article was the first to name an accuser (Felicia Piciullo) but there is no verification that this person even exists, let alone an accusation coming from them first hand.

The Stranger might end up being sued by Dier for libel if they cannot link to a first hand accusation of a real person confirmed to actually exist making the accusation.
At least their punctuation has improved.
Thanks for not being afraid to report this. Dier's been know for predatory behavior among LGBT bloggers/activists for years (as you point out; thank you!), and it's been very hard for us to effectively sound the alarm, even though Dier used to blog about her predatory behavior on her tumblr! (She has since deleted the incriminating posts, but screenshots are out there.)

There's this idea within the LGBT community that we must never acknowledge when one of us has done wrong because it might make our community "look bad" to the rest of the world, but what makes ANY community look bad is harboring predators and being hypocrites -- it looks bad when politicians do it, it looks bad when LGBT people do it, it looks bad when Catholics do it, it looks bad when Hollywood does it. It looks bad because harboring predators IS immoral. No community should defend or harbor predators. I can support trans women and denounce predators simultaneously; the two positions are not in opposition to each other.

I don't like Rose McGowan, either, but that doesn't matter right now -- what matters is that there's a woman out here masquerading as an activist who has a well-documented eight-year-long history of preying on teenagers, and a lot of my fellow queer women have choosen to attack those of us who refuse to look the other way.

(On a different topic, I'm very tired of people saying "[buzzword] is the new AIDS." AIDS is still here! To say anything but AIDS, which is a still a major problem in many states and countries, is the new AIDS, shows a deep lack of awareness of the historical and current issues facing marginicalized communities.)

Not saying Dier cannot be a predator. The last thing I'd want to do is defend one.

Could you please link me to a first hand accusation from an accuser with a verified, real world legal identity making the accusation? All I see is third party like this story or Twitter pseudonyms.

I hate having to choose between:
A) Defending a possible predator.
B) Getting trolled into slandering an innocent person.
C) Nothing like most people due to lack of verified facts.

For now, I have little choice but to go with Option C. Hopefully, you can change that.

Please remove/block out Dier’s dead name from the twitter image. It is inappropriate to dead name a trans person, regardless of situation.
Two damaged nutjobs in a room...entertainment...
Trans women are typically murdered or assaulted by men or other trans women, so why is it cisgender women’s problem to fix? Strange choice to verbally attack a rape victim who is trying to help other rape victims.
@20 that's still unconnected from their art. The Cassandra Complex is real.
Christ--she'll only let you quote her if she gets to out her accusers? What a piece of work.
A man in a dress who calls himself Shirley is still a man. And he is still capable of being a sexist asshole.
it odd these random 13yos are up on all the latest transfeminist terms? Is this typical of teens in Seattle malls?

If an accuser is not "out" then there is no accuser. There is only what criminal courts call hearsay and what civil courts call slander.

I, like other people, would really like to believe the accuser(s) but there has to be a confirmed accuser to believe for that to even be possible. Is there a link to an "out" accuser making a first hand accusation?
Rose said that growing up in a female body is different than growing up trans. This is just true. Why does this become the incontrovertible truth that she is transphobic, and therefore deserves villification as such?
OK, this Dier person is a predator but Rose McGowan still says super problematic things about trans women and gay men that she doesn't address or acknowledge as such.