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Trump’s budget would cut cleanup of Hanford by $230 million: The decades-long cleanup still has a ways to go especially since radioactive contamination has spread from the cleanup site. Washington legislators are mounting a bipartisan opposition to the cuts. This further proves that Trump's budget is a maelstrom of pure shit.

SCAM4HAM: Rise up! History has its eyes on a local "Hamilton" scam artist who has duped eight people who just wanted to be in the room where it happens. They were sold counterfeit tickets. Death doesn't discriminate between the sinners and the saints. Now, I guess they’ll just have to wait for it like the rest of us. Count how many "Hamilton" references are in there, you fake fans. And for those of you keeping score, here is the worst Hamilton reference:

The Gateses talk Trump: And answer some controversial questions in an annual letter. Melinda Gates thinks Trump should be nicer to women. Bill thinks his “America First” policy is damaging. The two are also considering philanthropy moves that will help more people in the U.S. Currently, their foundation contributes about $500 million at home that is mostly focused on education. The foundation spends $4 billion in developing countries.

Woman sentenced to 4 ½ years for fatal hit-and-run: Ka’Deidre Rials, 24, and two teenage girls robbed a car last January. One of the owners, Moises Radcliffe, the son of a police officer, retaliated. Rials hit him with her car, dragged him a considerable distance, and raced off. She left Radcliffe for dead. Five days later, Rials and her two accomplices were arrested in Skyview. Rials faced the most serious charge for failing to stop and provide aid to Radcliffe.

Yakima Valley College implements flipped classroom: Students watch the lectures at home and class time is solely for homework — er, I guess school work, technically. The idea is that students can learn on their own by watching lectures at home and then teachers can spend class time assisting students on applying what they learned. It sounds good in theory — kind of like a more high school approach to college — but watching hour-long video recordings of lectures is harder than it sounds.

Suicidal Lynwood man shot during altercation with sheriff’s deputy: A friend of the victim alerted police after receiving a text about suicidal ideations from the victim. Three deputies located the man’s vehicle on Mountain Loop Highway. After contact, multiple shots were fired. The victim was airlifted to Harborview.

Cheer-y gun violence statistics to brighten your day: I lied. They’re bad. Nearly three-quarters of King County’s 74 homicides were a result of gun violence. Read the whole breakdown by The Seattle Times. Your day might be dismal now. I’m sorry.

Revenge is a dish best served… medium rare? South African lions proved karma is a bitch when they chowed down on a suspected big cat poacher. They chewed him up and spit him out — well, they spit some of him out. As if leaving some kind of warning to stop fucking with nature, the lions ate everything except the poacher’s head.

Donald Trump Jr.’s wife sent a letter with mysterious white powder: She was decontaminated by firefighters at the scene and taken to the hospital for evaluation. The powder was non-hazardous. The worst part is the letter was addressed to Don Jr. so, if it was anthrax, she would’ve died for that waste of space. Still, let’s not start this whole anthrax thing again. I don’t think the snail mail industry could handle it.

Trump wants NASA out of the International Space Station: The proposed 2019 budget plan would cut ISS funding completely by 2025. This is cause for concern, according to space experts. The move will affect the other countries involved in the ISS. This includes Russia, Europe, Japan, and Canada. NASA’s budget did get a slight boost to renew human space exploration. There is no timeline for any human space expeditions. That’s probably because Stanley Kubrick is dead and they need him to fake any other moon landings. That’s a joke, I fully believe in the moon landing, but have you guys seen that movie Room 237? It’s great.

All hail Pigzilla: A giant boar is terrorizing Hong Kong. She’s been spotted feasting on trash outside of a primary school. Huge, imposing, and with razor sharp teeth, her very existence strikes fear into our hearts, poses the question: "Where is your god now?" Locals are concerned. They should consider recruiting the "Lord of the Flies" boys to kill the pig. Could be a good reallocation of all this toxic masculine behavior we’ve been acknowledging as of late.

Chloe Kim makes Olympics history: The 17-year-old from Long Beach, CA took home the gold in the halfpipe yesterday. She’s nothing short of incredible.

Here’s a good break-down of just what a badass Kim is:

Here was her final run: She had already clinched the gold medal but Kim went all out to secure a fat, comfortable lead.

Sean White posted a 98.5 in just the halfpipe qualifications: I don’t know about you but I could watch snowboarding videos all day. The men's halfpipe finals are tonight!

Corpse of Charles Manson on the rocks, shaken not stirred: The notorious cult leader’s body is still on ice as four people are waging legal battle over who gets his body. Two relatives are fighting for Manson’s body against two other men who claim to have the only valid Manson will. It’s all very weird and very creepy and Manson has been dead since November. Anyone know the expiration date on a dead body?

Seattle Children’s Hospital gets $60 million donation: Bruce Leven, a Seattle businessman who passed in September, gave the hospital its second biggest donation in history. A newly established Bruce Leven Endowment Fund will provide financial assistance for children and families in need.

Speaking of medical donations: Did you know KIRO7 paid off $1.1 million in medical debt for 1,000 people?

Tuesday’s best Seattle entertainment options include: A reading with local author Kim Fu,
La La Land in Concert with the Seattle Symphony, and the second-to-last night of The Atomic Bombshells: J’adore.

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