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Fatal officer involved shooting near University Village: The situation is still unfolding. According to KOMO News, police say a call came in about a car prowl. The suspect allegedly stole a car and took off running when officers arrived. Several shots were fired and the suspect died on the scene.

Edmonds mom organizes gun violence protest: It’s today at 4 p.m. at Edmonds-Woodway High School. Participants will be registering people to vote and urging them to use their voices — and ballots — to change gun laws.

A contentious suburban street remodel: A stretch of 35th Avenue in Wedgwood and Bryant neighborhoods is slated for a remodel. It will slim down parking in some areas and provide protected bike lanes. Naturally, people are up in arms. The next great war will be fought over urban planning.

Two headed to jail after chopping down tree: Three men chopped down a maple tree in the Olympic National Forest in 2013. Now, two of them are headed to prison and must pay a $17,533 restitution charge. The third man is incarcerated on other charges and will be sentenced at a later date.

New arboretum loop trail looks pretty cool: The 2-mile recreational loop was painstaking to construct; it was built to compliment the 230-acre collection of 20,000 trees, not chop them down. It opened quietly last November and offers a new accessibility to the arboretum and breathtaking vistas. I know it’s like 30 degrees out, but I’m sold and now I want to spend Presidents’ Day there.

By the way: Check out that singular possessive.

After indictments, Trump tries to shift blame: By attacking everyone but Russia. The whole thing is very confusing. He tried to shift the blame to the Democrats and then he blamed the FBI for being distracted with the Russia thing and that’s why the school shooting in Florida happened — tweeted a mere days after Trump spent a whopping 35 minutes with survivors. Now, he’s trying to say he never denied that Russia meddled in the elections.

Apple’s state-of-the-art new campus could be a Windex commercial: The Apple Park campus opened earlier this year in Cupertino, California. The glass walls and glass workspaces and glass doors and glass-everything-else are supposed to inspire a culture of openness. Perhaps it’s doing too good a job because people keep walking into the transparent walls. Since the facility opened this year, seven people have been injured. At least two of those required emergency services.

Live footage of Apple employees:

Snow’s over folks: Some places got a dusting of snow this weekend. I saw some snowflakes, so I guess that’s something. But, any hope for a late winter wonderland are over. The snow is gone but the bitter cold is here to stay. Break out your Aveno, it’s going to be skin-cracking dry.

All Olympic curling stones have come from one Scottish island: Curling is probably the easiest sport at the Olympics. I’m not saying I could do it, I’m just saying probably anyone could make it to the Olympics in curling if they cared and applied themselves. That’s not the case for the curling stones, however. Apparently, most stones can’t handle being pushed over melting ice and banging into other stones. The only granite capable of withstanding the intensity of curling is found on Aisla Craig, an island off of mainland Scotland. Every curling stone used in the Olympics can trace its lineage back to Aisla Craig.

Who likes ice dancing? I do. I like ice dancing. I don’t think I have ever watched it before in my life, but this Olympics has shown me the light. Listen. Ice dancing is cool. I don’t know anything about it except that I am a regular Benedict Arnold and am all for the Canadian team. Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir are incredible. I spiraled down a YouTube hole last Thursday and I watched every single one of their performances. Did you know they’ve been skating partners since they were seven and nine? Well, even if you didn’t want to, now you do.

Here's them last night: They placed first in the short dance.

Also, sorry that that video redirects you to Twitter. NBC is greedy about its Olympics coverage.

Here’s their free skate (I think that’s the correct terminology): From the team competition last week. They’re doing another one tonight for the medal. I will be watching.

The NBA All-Star game was last night: The only thing notable that happened was Fergie botching the national anthem so badly the players laughed at her.

An update on Parkland: The survivors from the shooting at Marjory Stoneway Douglas High School are leading the charge for gun control. These high school students are channeling their pain and their anger to put an end to gun violence. They’re calling out Donald Trump, Marco Rubio, the NRA, and other politicians whose legislation failed them and countless other gun violence victims. This week, the students plan to go to Tallahassee to demand immediate action.

King County’s property tax increase is coming: The tax increase will go toward funding education. But, King County’s nearly 17 point average increase will surely cause blowback. County-assessor offices are prepared. Hit them with all of your questions.

Whether or not you have today off, there are great Seattle events happening today: Like the live music-filled Protest Fest 2018 and Our History, Our Responsibility, presented by Densho and CAIR-WA to commemorate Japanese Americans who lived through racially motivated incarceration. Find many more options for this week and beyond on our complete Things To Do calendar.