Seattle restores $1 million in hygiene services for homeless: The money will come from the sale of city property in South Lake Union. The city’s Human Services Department cut some of the funding late last year in an attempt to reshuffle the city’s approach to homelessness by emphasizing a new enhanced-shelter model. That would provide more services, like counselors, equipped to transition people out of homelessness longterm. However, these changes came with cuts to other necessary programs. Like hygiene centers. Money from the property sale will restore these funds and also establish funding for Mayor Durkan’s 2-year pilot program for affordable housing.

We’re going to need a bigger boat, Seattle Rep presents Bruce.
A world premiere musical that you can really sink your teeth into Get your tickets HERE!

Equity an afterthought in new school funding: The budget overhaul for Washington schools has “taken a funding system that [was] inequitable to start with and basically left it that way,” The Seattle Times reports. The way the funding plan breaks down, wealthier schools will get more money than many high-need schools. Lake Washington schools will collect nearly $21 million more in funding than Tacoma schools, despite Tacoma’s significantly higher enrollment of low-income students.

Seattle Police Department releases footage of fatal shooting: Early Monday morning SPD responded to a call about a car prowl. Shots were fired. The suspect died on the scene. The following bodycam and dashcam footage is, to say the least, insane. It is also very loud.

Chronologically, the video shows an SPD officer responding to the original car prowl car. “Come back here. Seattle Police. Stop,” The officer says. Then, shots ring out, presumably fired from the suspect at the officer. What the video shows next is the car chase and the suspect crashing the stolen vehicle at 5:14 a.m. Officers converge on the vehicle, the suspect won’t comply, and he reaches into the backseat for what officers assume is a gun. Officers yell warnings. One fires into the car. They drag the suspect out and an officer states “CPR.”

Seattle federal prosecutor may have been a hired hit: The 2001 fatal shooting of Thomas Wales may have involved a conspiracy and a hired gunman. The FBI and the Department of Justice have a news conference about it scheduled today. Wales was shot several times while working at his computer in the basement of his Queen Anne home at 10:40 p.m. on October 11, 2001. His death was designated a “major case file” by the FBI. Despite 16 years, the case remains active.

February freeze sticking around: That groundhog was onto something and winter isn’t playing around in the last 30 days before spring. We’re in for the long haul. Hunker down. Kiss your loved ones. Find a god or a pair of gloves, for goodness sake. It’s chilly out there and it isn’t changing any time soon. Snow is still in the forecast.

Florida House rejects ban on assault rifles as Parkland students watch: Yeah. The kids who survived a mass shooting at their high school a week ago today watched as their lawmakers chose the NRA over their lives. Many of those who voted against the ban had A or A+ ratings from the NRA. On the way there, the students met with the survivors of the Pulse nightclub shooting in Orlando in 2016.

Meanwhile, right wing media is using them as conspiracy fodder: Because students can’t passionately speak out against the weapons that mowed down 17 of their classmates and teachers without them actually being pawns in a conspiracy theory. Calling them trained actors and polished professionals, right wing commentators, some even in the public sphere like Rush Limbaugh, are minimizing the tragedy of the shooting. Alex Jones has obviously already called it a “false flag.” No, they’re not actors, and neither were the six-year-olds who died at Sandy Hook. For people that can’t stand the thought of politicizing tragedy, they really do a good job of politicizing tragedy.

It’s pretty fucked up: If you search David Hogg’s name on Youtube, the well-spoken 17-year-old shooting survivor, this is what you get:

Hogg is the school’s student news director and his father is a former FBI agent. He’s having to defend himself on national television that he’s not a “crisis actor.” Donald Trump Jr. liked one of these conspiracy theories about Hogg on Twitter.

Florida is already working on reform:

No miracle on ice this year, folks: The U.S. men’s hockey team comprised of a bunch of college kids and amateurs made it to the quarterfinals against all odds. But, dreams were dashed when they lost in a shootout against the Czech Republic last night.

Heating up in Chicago: And I’m not talking about the weather. I expect that’s still rather chilly.

Dems flip Kentucky: In a district where Trump won by 50 points. Democrat Linda Belcher (no, not the “Bob’s Burgers” character) defeated Republican Rebecca Johnson “68 percent to 32 percent— an 86-point swing from the 2016 presidential election result,” The Daily Beast reports.

King County’s former head of homelessness resigns: Mark Putnam was the closest thing the county had to the one person in charge of the homelessness crisis. The former executive director of All Home, the city-wide coordinating board for homelessness, Putnam left his post last month and recommended “consolidating authority over the homelessness crisis,” according to The Seattle Times. Read his exit interview.

Did Billy Graham finally meet God today? America’s most famous evangelical pastor died today at age 99. He counseled presidents and preached to millions in stadium-filled so-called crusades. He also thought liberal Jews ran the media. I guess no hero is perfect! Above all, he was my great-grandfather. That’s not true. But you believed it for a split second, right? Maybe evangelism runs in the family.

We're halfway through the week! This is what you're eating this Wednesday!

Lissa is eating "nonfat yogurt and blueberries and a big ass cup of coffee." That's a power breakfast if I've ever seen one.

Lissa C

"It’s snowing in Longview, but I still have work???? Why is this allowed," Alex writes. My sympathies are with you, Alex. Stay warm out there.

Alex B

Katie (and company) are feasting at Wayward Vegan Cafe.

Katie A

Shmacky, a Slog commenter, sent me this beautiful spread last week on a not-Wednesday. It was too beautiful to pass up so he gave me permission to re-use it today. You're a true fan, Shmacky.


Jimmy is in Romania. It is not breakfast time in Romania.

Romanian Cheerios
Romanian Cheerios Jimmy B

"Liquid Breakfast" by Kelly.

Kelly W

"My daughter 2-year old daughter Francie is having plain oatmeal, with a side of toast, and two Morning Star veggie patties," says Jose. Francie is going to have a great day with that breakfast.

Jose V

Wednesday’s best Seattle entertainment bets include: A launch party for contemporary art publication ‘Monday', a concert featuring innovative multi-instrumentalist the Album Leaf, and the 2018 State of the Hill Address & Spirit Award.