As if being a teacher weren't challenging enough, future ex-President Donald Trump doubled-down on his latest plan to destroy America's education system during a meeting with law enforcement officials Thursday, when he proposed that some teachers should be given bonuses to carry firearms in schools.

This echoes statements he made Wednesday, when, in the aftermath of the latest school shooting in Parkland, Fla., Trump told teenage survivors at a White House "listening session" that the answer to bad guys with guns is teachers with guns.

New York Times White House correspondent Maggie Haberman was taking notes during his comments Thursday:

No word yet on whether the GOP tax plan's $250 tax deduction for teachers who pay for school supplies will cover guns and ammunition, but the idea could certainly change the demographic of our nation's teachers from those who want to help students to those who want to kill them.

The average first-year teacher in America, by the way, makes $36,141.

The President also took to Twitter this morning, where he expounded upon this terrible idea and then praised the NRA, which, in 2016, spent $11.4 million in campaign ads for Trump.

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While the NRA would like to see a gun in the hand of every sentient (or, in the case of Trump, non-sentient) being on the planet, law enforcement organizations, according to a report from CNN, largely oppose easing restrictions on gun control. In response to a bill that would allow anyone who lives in a state that permits the concealed carrying of firearms to carry a concealed weapon in all other states (including those with stricter gun control regulations), a group of law enforcement leaders said this would "jeopardize public safety across America." The Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act, as the bill is known, easily passed in the House and is currently making its way through the Senate.