Im a little worried about your PSA levels.
"It's all rather personal and undignified."

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The question isn't whether you love Stephen Fry, but how much, and for what. (My preferences are, in order: Jeeves and Wooster, A Bit of Fry and Laurie, Hippopotamus (the audiobook, in particular), Moab Is My Washpot, his documentary on bipolar disorder, the Catholic church debate he did with Hitchens, Saturday Night Fry, The Stars' Tennis Balls (audiobook again), Blackadder Goes Forth, and then everything else—not that it matters.)

Whatever your Fry fave, you will likely be moved by the video he posted earlier today, in which he describes, somewhat haltingly, perhaps even reluctantly, "a rather unwelcome and unexpected adventure" involving.the detection, trans-rectal biopsy, and surgical removal of a carcinoma on his prostate gland.

Oftentimes, Fry plays characters who, by dint of their upper-middle Oxbridge poshness, sort of apologize and equivocate for their every utterance. But he's not acting here. He's genuinely uncomfortable discussing such a private, unpleasant matter, and that's a hard thing to see. But given how easy it is for men to neglect their prostate exams, the video is a mitzvah.

Here's hoping Fry's recovery continues and that he lives as long as he can bear to.

The video is below: