Whenever I taste my own load, I feel a slight tingling or numbness in my mouth. Is this an allergy to blast-off broth and is it normal? For what it's worth, I'm not endangering my health, since I don't taste my own tipdrip very often; it's just a curiosity. I also haven't tried anybody else's pocket-rocket fuel, only mine. I've marinated in the maidenade from a dozen or so pussies, and savored at least one squirt, and I didn't experience this "problem" then. So what gives? There's too much to for me to swallow here without your help. Have YOU ever felt tingly from a spermsicle?

Jizz Ejaculate Spooj* Semen

* To show my liberal cred and allyship, I'm adopting Tony Kushner's spelling from the Angels in America text.

Abuse yourself all you like, JESS, and do whatever you want with the runoff from your self-abuse. But leave the poor, long-suffering, much-abused-of-late English language alone, please. I'm a fan of neologisms myself, of course, as everyone knows. But there was no need for and there is no excuse for "blast-off broth," "tipdrip," "pocket-rocket fuel," or "spermsicle," JESS, and if "maidenade" catches on and comes into wide usage, well, I will turn this column around and go home. That said...

Some people are allergic to semen—yes, even their own—and some people have mild reactions to the taste, including a numbing sensation; there are proteins and enzymes in semen that can cause an allergic reaction. But your allergy could be far worse, JESS, so count your blessings.

A bonus email exchange after the jump...

I’m a straight, married guy with a very willing and cool wife of over 20 years. Recently, I thought I might like to try a butt plug/cock ring combo thingy on myself while having sex with her, but once it was in place and we were doing the deed I could not come. I figured it would be fucking awesome, but it was a total bust. I even tried masturbating with it on, just to see if I could come that way, but I had a lot of trouble getting there. (Eventually, I did, but it was waaaay tougher than without the “implement.”) I still think it could be fun, but I’m wondering whether it’s something in my physiology or if other people have had this kind of thing happenThoughts?

Toy Or Me

How tight was your cockring?—Dan

Comfortable. The whole apparatus is made out of—what?—silicone? Rubberish material.—TOM

Then I really couldn’t say what the problem was—other than hitting your swimsuit area with two unfamiliar sensations (ass plugged, cock ringed) at once. If you want to give it another go, TOM, I would recommend a half a dozen solo masturbation sessions. Set your cockring/buttplag apparatus aside, go back to the sex shop, and get yourself a stand-alone cock ring and an insert-alone butt plug. Masturbate with just the plug in a couple of times, see how that goes; masturbate with just the ring on a couple of times, see how that goes. If those solo sessions go well, try masturbating with the plug in and the ring on. Giving your bits a chance to acclimate to these new sensations without your wife impatiently waiting for you to finish might make all the difference. (I'm not blaming your wife, of course, but a guy can get self-conscious when a new sensation slows things down, which can slow things down even further, and even a reasonably GGG partner can get impatient (or sore!) after a while.)—Dan

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