The Oscars anti-Trump jokes be like...
The Oscar's anti-Trump jokes be like... Dunkirk

The importance of American diversity was again a top theme at the Oscars. The Dreamers were mentioned. The success of Coco, which is about a Mexican boy, won an Oscar for Best Animated Feature. The #MeToo movement and the downfall of Harvey Weinstein, who many claim is a sexual predator, was referenced several times. The night's biggest moment was Frances McDormand's acceptance speech for Best Actress in a Leading Role. She had all of the women nominees at the event stand up and receive applause. She also put the little golden man—the Oscar statue—on the floor, and introduced America to "inclusion rider,” which is "actors putting diversity requirements into their contracts..."

The host, Jimmy Kimmel, repeatedly mocked Trump. At one point, he compared Black Panther's black leader to Obama. At another point, he mocked Fox News (old white people watch it). At another, he joked that we make gay-themed movies like Call Me By Your Name just to piss off Pence. He also made cracks about Hope Hicks ("Hope left the White House") and Putin's assault on American democracy. All of this Trump bashing might have been funny last year, but now it is just depressing. All we have are jokes, while he has all of the power.

Despite the noise being made about the chaos in the White House, the alleged sex with women in the porn industry, the accusations of sexual assault, and the tightening of Mueller's investigation, Trump is still winning big. His "blitzkrieg" on social services, the law, immigrants, and environmental rules is, at this moment, unstoppable.

Recall that beach scene in Dunkirk, a film set at the start of the Second World War. Hundreds of thousands of British soldiers are stranded and exposed on the shores of a French city. And when they hear the mean whine of an approaching German fighter plane, they have nowhere to hide and no way to defend themselves. The bombs fall and explode on and all around them. This is Trump on the US economy and environment. And the Oscars 2018 was like watching the soldiers on Dunkirk's beach cracking jokes about the krauts as they are battered and again and again.

Trump is successfully transforming American into a shithole. His huge gains in environmental deregulation have made Flint, Michigan the capital of our future. You only need to visit that city to see where much of the US will be in a few years time. There is nothing funny about Flint.