The fuzz is feeling the heat these days.
The fuzz is feeling the heat these days. THINKSTOCK

Teenager wins $500k in police brutality case: In 2014, 15-year-old Monique Tillman and her brother were confronted by an off-duty police officer for riding their bikes in a Tacoma mall parking lot. The officer threw Tillman to the ground, tased, and arrested her. A judge dismissed the charges filed against Tillman and her brother after watching the shocking surveillance footage of the incident; there was no evidence the officer was investigating a crime when they stopped the kids. Tillman filed a suit in the height of the Black Lives Matter movement; she believes she was targeted because of the color of her skin. She was awarded $500,000 in federal court on Thursday.

Seattle cop in the weeds: After getting busted for smuggling hundreds of pounds of weed from Washington state to Baltimore. Alex Chapackdee is a 16-year department veteran. He was supposedly just helping out his brother-in-law with the drug smuggling operation. We all know how hard it is to please the in-laws. Chapackdee admitted to carrying his Seattle police badge and firearm during these smuggling trips. He was sentenced to six years in prison.

Washington ACLU urges Greyhound to cut the shit: Since the election of Donald Trump, U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) raids on Greyhound buses have increased. In Washington, these occur on buses traveling near the Canadian border. The ACLU says this violates passengers Fourth Amendment rights which protect against “unreasonable search and seizures.” The ACLU issued a letter to Greyhound urging them to stop these raids. Greyhound says they have to comply with the law. But, they don’t technically have to comply with CBP because their business is protected under the Fourth Amendment as well.

Fishing vessel tragedy could’ve been prevented: Ten years ago, the Seattle-based Alaska Ranger sank in 6,000 feet of water. Five of 47 crew members died. The flooding of the engine room was the final nail in the coffin that sank the Alaska Ranger. Rodney Lundy, a survivor, after 10 years, says this could have been prevented. There were bundles of netting stacked around one of the air vents. The vent would shutter and keep the engine dry in the event of flooding. His concerns were dismissed. Lundy says that during the investigation the Fishing Company of Alaska asked him to limit his testimony.

Seattle Councilwoman allegedly harassed staffer in ‘90s: Dorinda Henry was 28 and had big political aspirations. She worked her way up to a paid position with Councilwoman Sherry Harris. Soon, Sherry, also African American and lesbian, allegedly started harassing Henry. When Henry reported the abuse, she was fired and accused of blackmail. Her hopes of a political career were ruined. Twenty years later, in the height of the #MeToo movement, Henry is speaking out again. Former Councilwoman Harris said she had no memory of the accusations. She also said she had never heard of #MeToo.

Austin bomber not very sorry: In the 25 minute confession tape obtained by police, Mark Conditt, the bombing suspect, says he wishes he was sorry but he’s not. He also went into detail about the six bombs he constructed and said he has been “a psychopath” since childhood.

West Seattle family wants their pet raccoon back: The Greers have had Mae, a raccoon, since she was a newborn seven years ago. Chris Greer said the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife came into their home and “abducted our daughter.” It’s illegal to keep raccoons as pets in Washington. Mae was apparently so fat she could have liver problems. The WDFW doesn’t want to give Mae back because it may encourage more people to take raccoons in as pets. Still, Mae is distressed in captivity. The Greers are petitioning to bring her home.

Are you ever concerned about the reality we’re living in? If not, this is a headline from yesterday: Pence: I'd pick Trump over Biden in a fight. Shut up Mike Pence, go back to being afraid to eat in the same room as women that aren’t your wife.

We were so close: It’s not quite spring. Washington is being coy.

Oregon woman charged with cooking her chihuahua: She put her dog in the oven and cooked it because, according to her, she thought her ex-boyfriend was inside the dog.

It’s National Puppy Day! This is a great excuse to share some cute (uncooked) puppy things. Don’t complain. You need this. I need this. We all need this.

This one reaches across the aisle: Cat and dog lovers unite on National Puppy Day

Weird looking dog: I think this video is a perfect metaphor for life.

Girl drives into DMV during driver’s test: A 17-year-old Minnesota girl failed her driver’s test. She failed it really badly. She put the car into drive instead of reverse. Nerves, you know? Unfortunately, she accelerated and the car went up the curb and straight through the wall of the DMV. I will admit that I failed my driver’s test twice. I never sent my license examiner to the hospital in an ambulance, though.

Possible ISIS attack in South of France: A gunman took hostages at a supermarket in Trébes, a small town near Toulouse. At least two people are dead. The gunman claimed allegiance to the Islamic State group. He remains inside the supermarket. Earlier, a policeman was shot while jogging in a town a 15-minute drive away. Authorities aren’t sure whether the incidents are linked.

Trump threatens to veto $1.3 trillion spending package: He made the threat hours before the government was set to shutdown. Announced in a tweet, Trump is opposed to the spending bill because it failed to include provisions for Deferred Action Childhood Arrival (DACA) recipients. This was hardly the only issue Trump failed to reach an agreement on with lawmakers. If he vetoes, the government will almost certainly shutdown at midnight. It will be a shutdown entirely precipitated by the president. It will occur in defiance of both Republican and Democratic leaders.

Fun Fact for your Friday: Famed painter Claude Monet used to collect paintings by his fellow Impressionists. But, sometimes he would get into fits of sorrow at how inferior his work was. His wife would have to specifically cover Cézanne's work with sheets to calm him down.

This weekend, the best Seattle entertainment options include: A student-led protest against gun violence at March For Our Lives, the artisanal-tasting free-for-all Arcade Lights 2018, and a celebration of South Asian women at Aaina.