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To Catch a Predator in Jefferson County: Ten people were arrested in a child sex sting operation in Jefferson County. It was a four day Net Nanny operation that involved over a dozen law enforcement agencies. Undercover officers interacted with suspects online, posing as young boys or girls, and lured them to meet. More undercover cops were waiting to make arrests. The suspects ranged from age 20 to 77. You ever think about how weird it was that there was an actual very popular show that televised these sting operations? Were we okay from 2004 to 2007? Are we okay now?

Bid adieu to the Battery STreet Tunnel: It’s going to be filled with rubble when the Alaskan Way Viaduct is demolished next year. Citizens rallied to turn the tunnel into something else like a bike trail, a shaded vegetable garden, or literally anything other than “filled with rocks.” The City Council decided against all of these options Monday. Any alternative would cost hundreds of millions of dollars.

Fairy-tale treehouse porn suspect pleads not guilty: That’s a rollercoaster of a sentence to type at 6 a.m. The treehouse in the forests outside North Bend was mystical on the outside and a child porn den of hell on the inside. Daniel Wood, 56, is the prime suspect. His DNA was matched with DNA found inside the treehouse. Investigators found more child porn in his home when they arrested him last month. Wood pled not guilty.

Bad time to be a Russian immigrant: The Seattle Russian consulate was ordered to close yesterday. Now, there are only three consulates left in the U.S. There are none on the West Coast. The remaining consulates are in Houston, New York City, and Washington D.C. Many Russian immigrants on the West Coast are scrambling to get their important documents in order before the April 2nd closure date. Washington state has 26,000 Russian immigrants, the fourth largest amount in the country. California has 90,000.

Russia retaliates: Western diplomats in Russia may soon be out of a job. Russia has vowed to expel dozens of diplomats in a tit-for-tat response to the expulsions of Russian diplomats across 17 European countries and North America. The Russian embassy launched a twitter poll asking users to decide which American consulate should be closed:

Arson on the Hill: Last night, a Capitol Hill apartment building was set on fire. It broke out around 7:30 p.m. at 404 E. Howell Street. Firefighters put out the flames quickly. They believe the fire was intentionally set. The building sustained $10,000 worth of damage.

Stay a Night, Give a Night: Horizon, a private home-sharing platform based from Seattle, is launching a new program. Visitors can stay in Seattle residents' homes for $14 a night (plus a $10 service fee) and that money will help fund shelter for the homeless. The amount visitors pay is the equivalent of housing one person for one night. The money will support Mary’s Place.

Happy National Joe Day: I know probably one Joe. I will be wishing him a happy Joe Day. That website I linked to suggests ways to celebrate and one of them is changing your name to Joe for the day. Girls can use Josephine or Jodie.

Mayor Durkan benefitted from targeted Pandora ads: During the mayoral election last year, a pro-Jenny Durkan PAC ran a Pandora ad that targeted people over 18 in the Seattle-Tacoma area. The PAC paid $15,000 for the ad. It received 558,465 impressions.

Man kills his cousin for being the devil: The two cousins and a friend were smoking weed at a South Hill home when the suspect allegedly started to believe his cousin was the devil. An altercation ensued. Shots were fired. The cousin, 24, was found dead. The suspect, 27, was taken into custody. That would be a hell of an above the influence ad.

Former Supreme Court Justice wants to repeal Second Amendment: He says it would be easy!

Can we prevent the next school shooting? Join The Stranger’s Night School at John’s Bar and Eatery tonight from 6 to 8 p.m. Stranger editor Sean Nelson and the Alliance for Gun Responsibility will be discussing gun control, mental health, politics, and their intersections.

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New Zealand can’t find any Russian spies to expel: The Kiwis wanted a piece of the action. The country supports the expulsion of Russian diplomats and condemns the nerve-attack in the U.K. However. But, they don’t have any Russian intelligence agents to expel. They tried but coudn't find anyone. They will show support from the sidelines.

Toy’s ‘R’ Us might start a GoFundMe: The toy store declared bankruptcy last week. Their founder died (from a broken heart?) days later. Now, one of their head honchos has hatched a foolproof plan to save Toys ‘R’ Us from the clutches of debt and irrelevancy: a GoFundMe campaign. If you give $4,999 you get a t-shirt that says “I’ll ALWAYS be a Toys ‘R’ Us Kid” (plus one of those plastic toy houses). To clarify, if you shell out any cash you’re just overpaying for a toy and an admittedly baller t-shirt. You don’t get any stake in the company, equity, or a junk-bond coupon.

Tonight's best Seattle entertainment options include: The Stranger's Night School: Can We Prevent the Next School Shooting? with Stranger editor-at-large Sean Nelson, a Filmstruck Viewing Party for Police Beat with screenwriter and Stranger film editor Charles Mudede, and the opening of Wes Anderson's new animated film Isle of Dogs