Hes the F to the E, R, G, the A and the G. And he puts them Trump boys on rock, rock. Hes Fergalicious.
He's the F to the E, R, G, the A and the G. And he puts them Trump boys on rock, rock. He's Fergalicious. SB

This will be the 23rd lawsuit filed by Bobby F. against the Trump administration. This time, Ferguson is joining with the state of California to sue the Department of Commerce for announcing it will reinstate a question asking about a person's citizenship on the 2020 Census. Demographers worry the change will prevent people from responding to the survey. Take it away, AG:

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“The Census Bureau’s own research reveals asking people about their citizenship status could significantly undermine its Constitutional mandate: an accurate count of everyone in the United States, regardless of immigration status. If Washington state’s large immigrant population isn’t accurately counted, the impact on our Congressional representation and billions of dollars in federal funds our state receives could be jeopardized,” Ferguson said.

“I won’t allow the Trump Administration to play politics with the Census at the expense of all Washingtonians.”

The state of California announced its lawsuit over the Census citizenship question two hours ago.

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