My own favorite pot shop, Ganja Goddess
My own favorite pot shop, Ganja Goddess Courtesy of GG

It's 4/20 and I just read this listicle on Thrillist, "The 8 Best Legal Pot Shops in Seattle," and it touches on a pot shop that's (sadly) getting ready to close its doors (Vela), one in Burien of all places, and another that's kind of like the WalMart of pot shops (Uncle Ike's)—it's not bad, and most of us have been forced to go there at one point or another for whatever reason—but why prop up the biggie when you could give a shout-out to a shop that is far more in need of some foot traffic, is right by Ike's in Central District, and is a mellower, indier, and frankly friendlier pot marketplace? (I'm referring to Ponder, although if you're in Capitol Hill, there's Ruckus literally right around the corner from that particular Ike's location, and it's definitely a suitable alternative.)

Ultimately, the piece made me curious: Where do our readers prefer to go to buy their pot? I'm not talking about where you go most frequently, but the place you consider your favorite, that you'd go to every single time if you were able (and maybe you are and it is the only place you frequent—good for you!).

So I've decided to conduct a poll, which is obviously not scientific whatsoever, and only includes whomever sees this post in the next 48 hours and happens to smoke enough pot that they have a definitive preference about where to buy it, a shop where, if everyone doesn't know your name (bunch of stoners), at least they seem to be glad you came. (I love me some Ganja Goddess, in case you were wondering.) A note: I haven't included every single pot shop, mostly just the ones located roughly six miles from the city center, and have not included specific locations for the shops with multiples.