DREAMERs won again in court and SCOTUS is going to rule on the constitutionality of Trump's anti-Muslim travel ban. (Court watchers say it doesn't look good.) But those aren't the Trump administration's only efforts to de-brown America. While the travel ban and DREAMERs are the highest profile and most consequential, Trump and his chief racist stooge are busily tossing every brown person they can out of the country:

November 2017:
Trump Administration Kicks 59,000 Displaced Haitian Earthquake Victims Out of the US

November 2017:
Trump administration ending protections for thousands of Nicaraguan migrants

January 2018:
Trump orders 200,000 Salvadorans to leave U.S.

March 2018:
Trump gives Liberian immigrants 1 year to leave or face deportation

April 2018:
Thousands of Indian Women Could Lose Their Jobs Because of Trump's Racist Whims

April 2018:
Trump administration could deport thousands of Nepalis on temporary residency permits

April 2018:
More migrants may face deportation as Trump weighs ending temporary protection for Hondurans

These headlines kindasorta point to, I dunno, a pattern of racial animus maybe? Expanding on what I wrote here...

What's the goal here? It's not about making America greater or safer or richer. It's about making America whiter. Donald Trump, Stephen Miller, John Kelly, Paul Ryan, and Mitch McConnell all hope to make America as white as possible, for as long as possible.

"The White House is assertively working to make America white again," as Steve Phillips wrote on the opinion pages of the New York Times recently. "The aggressive pace of deportations of immigrants of color, the elimination of the DACA program protecting immigrant children and the proposals propounded by the anti-immigration voices in the administration will all have the undeniable effect of slowing the rapid racial diversification of the United States population."

This is a campaign to de-brown this country, to first round up undocumented immigrants—like that chemistry professor in Kansas—before moving on to the DREAMers, while at the same time pushing for "reforms" that will radically decrease the numbers of non-white people allowed to immigrate to the United States.

...it's clear that the Trump administration isn't satisfied with merely blocking further immigration by non-white people into the United States. They're fighting tooth and nail to toss hundreds of thousands of DREAMERs out and right now while we're focused on DACA and the travel ban they're tossing every brown person they legally can out of the country.