You have got to be kidding me with this shit:

The "average American conservative" spends the day attacking women, people of color, gays and lesbians, illegal immigrants, legal immigrants, trans people, non-Christians, leftwing Christians, Democrats, progressives, liberals, sex havers, sex workers, people who've had abortions, people who use birth control, single moms, football players, basketball players, late night talk show hosts, teachers, actors, singers, Olympians, "Hollywood," high school students who survived mass school shootings, the poor, the disabled, Gold Star parents, Gold Star widows, environmentalists, news reporters, cable news anchors who don't work for Rupert Murdoch, rappers, college professors, college students, union members, scientists, non-scientists who believe in science, the elderly, "takers" on Social Security and Medicaid and Medicare, people who live in big cities and blue states... and then they run to NPR to whine about how nobody likes them. JESUS FUCKING CHRIST. They bombard millions of Americans not just with disrespect and straight-up hate, but when they're in power they legislate against millions of Americans in an effort to make their lives harder and/or impossible. This shit may win you elections, thanks to our un-democratic and broken system, but what it doesn’t win you is friends.

And we're the snowflakes and they’re the rough-and-tough, gun-slinging personal responsibility crowd. And all they do besides attack is whine—good God, they ran crying to NPFuckingR. How fucking pathetic is that? Have the courage of your bigoted convictions, you pathetic whiners, and live with the consequences of your actions. Lord knows the rest us have to.

P.S. I'm old enough to remember when most of the attacks were directed at queers. Or that's how it felt in the 1980s, anyway, when I was a young queer. The AIDS Crisis, Robert Mapplethorpe, Anita Bryant, Jesse Helms, and Ronald Reagan. It felt like—what's the expression? Oh, right: like we were being bombarded daily with murderous disrespect. That I can sit down and make list of the people being attacked daily by conservatives now and that list includes football players, to say nothing of late-night talk show hosts, teachers, and the FBI... it blows my fucking mind. They don't like ANYBODY and they can't figure out why no one likes them? FFS.