Washington Will Fund Prepaid Ballot Postage Statewide, Except in King County



That sounds like fair grounds for a lawsuit. You're being denied due process for no good sounding reason.


I'm no lawyer, but I think this would be more of an "equal protection" issue than a "due process" issue.


Good reporting Heidi. This is a weird situation.


Why is King County unfairly being singled out of prepaid ballot postage, and why isn't AG Superman Bob Ferguson legally jumping all over this? Thank you, Heidi, for another well reported article.


So will King County not have prepaid postage at all or are we just not being reimbursed by the state?


hello equal protection clause???


I hope King County sues the State.


I hope everyone in King sends their postal ballot in with no stamp on it.


If the state had not stepped up for the other 38 counties, King would likely have faced a lawsuit to stop them from doing postage on their own for the 14th Amendment raised and other issues.

@6, KC will have pre-paid, but will pay for it without State money.



In other words, the citizens of King County will once again be subsidizing the poor counties with OUR tax dollars...


This is weird. It could be Wyman's "fuck you" to King County for dissing her, but why is Inslee down with that?



Tactically it does make some sense, as the State committing to paying for mail-in ballots has the potential of increasing voter turnout in rural red counties, which traditionally helps Democrats.


A welcome opportunity to give back and support our less advantaged rural fellows.



Bob Ferguson is the state AG. He (his office) would actually be the one defending the state against King County.



And who will nevertheless continue to whine about the "the big, bad libruls in Seattle" - who keep their ramshackle rural counties from completely falling apart, because they won't pay for things themselves.

In short: freeloaders pretending they're self-sufficient...


A better use of 1.2 million is cleaning up from homeless camps rather than prepaid postage.


Wait, Heidi included this near the end of her article:
"Inslee and Wyman plan to ask the state legislature to reimburse King County for its postage expense."


@18 Yeah, it kinda takes the air out of the sails of outrage doesn't it?

However ugly the process I think it's great that we are going to remove yet another minor obstacle to voting.

Hey kids, it's just like returning an Amazon order. Rather than resealing the box and putting the label on it you put your ballot in the included envelope. But you take it out to the same place. You know, that box outside your house which fills up with junk mail until you empty it into the recycle bin. Put the ballot in there and put up the flag. It's like Uber, but for letters!


@12 & @16, COMTE: Thank you for the clarifications on this prepaid ballot postage debate, and @16: Yep.
@15 RichardCory: Hmm. Wow--I guess that shoots down my theory.
@18 rabbitbrush and @19 fletc3her: Since you put it that way.....however ugly the process for fairer voting in Washington State (at least King County voters would be reimbursed by the state for their postage on ballots)...it's actually good if it takes the air out of the sails of outrage.


@20 re @15 RichardCory: To clarify, I just meant that yes, since Bob Ferguson is our Washington State Attorney it would become a Washington State vs. King County scenario.


No doubt whining about the whining will turn things around stat.