Peach Kelli Pop lands in Seattle on Monday
Peach Kelli Pop lands in Seattle on Monday. GINA NEGRINI

The cover artwork of “sunshine punk” band Peach Kelli Pop’s new album Gentle Leader is the perfect representation of their music: It depicts a bedroom where rainbows, hearts, and butterflies coexist alongside more sinister images, like someone wearing a creepy Easter Bunny suit and disembodied reptilian claws holding a pink sword.

When we speak, frontwoman Allie Hanlon is touring through the Southwest with her bandmates, sisters Gina and Sophie Negrini (bass and guitar, respectively) and Shelly Schimek (drums). It’s only June, but they’ve already put out two releases this year: First the stripped-down EP Which Witch, followed by Gentle Leader, Peach Kelli Pop’s fourth LP.