If you noticed #BoycottWalmart trending on Twitter today, you could be forgiven for thinking the left had shifted its attention from ICE to big box stores. Walmart has certainly done enough to deserve a boycott, including paying their employees poverty wages and destroying downtowns, but it's not the libs who were triggered into hashtag activism today. Rather, today, it's Trump fans, who are demanding a boycott after discovering that the store sells a single shirt reading "Impeach 45." Boo fucking hoo.

Walmart, it should be noted, also sells tons of pro-Trump merch, including an array of MAGA caps, books, cologne, and this tank top with Trump, oddly, topping a tank, but it's good to see the right taking a stand for something, I guess? Perhaps next week they can take on more pressing problems in the world, say... dogs in grocery stores or people who don't wash their hands after pissing.


While we're unsure if Walmart actually pulled the shirt or the website was overloaded and/or hacked, if you try to purchase the "Impeach 45" shirt right now, you'll find this.


And people say activism doesn't change anything.