Please go see this movie so we can discuss the part we cant really discuss until everyone sees it.
Please go see this movie so we can discuss the part we can't really discuss until everyone sees it.

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In 10 years, we're liable to look back on Amazon Prime Day with a particle of nostalgia, if only because we'll have dim memories of a time before it was a mandatory working holiday—because Amazon will have replaced the federal government, and shopping will have replaced voting.

In the meantime, I heartily recommend that before you buy anything else, buy a ticket to Boots Riley's Sorry to Bother You, a wholly unconventional, ingenious, absurdist, hilarious, disturbing, so-far-out-it-comes-all-the-way-back-around film about race and labor conditions in the USA of 2018.

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Because it's a movie, you should see it in a theater (speaking of things we're liable to miss in 10 years). Because it's this movie, you should bail on the rest of your work day—if you can afford to—and go see it right now. It's currently playing at the Ark Lodge in Columbia City, Pacific Place downtown, and the AMC 10 (formerly the Metro and Sundance) in the U-District. Ark Lodge has the best popcorn of the three.

Ideology is almost always the enemy of art. Narrative films that are centrally concerned with making an unflinching hard-left critique of labor and capital while still managing to be A) funny, B) self-aware, C) novel, D) useful, and not E) making you want to throw yourself into a vat of acid are vanishingly rare.

Armed with a brilliant cast led by Lakeith Stanfield, some of the best music his group The Coup has ever made, and an obvious wealth of radical credentials, historical insights, and literary imagination (bonus points for the strong Jonathan Swift (meets HG Wells) note he strikes about midway through), Riley absolutely threads the needle.

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