Spesh, Seattles best faux-New Age Baggy band.
Spesh, Seattle's best faux-"New Age Baggy" band. Frank Correa

Spesh, "Teflon" (Killroom).
You gotta love a band who cheekily describe themselves as "New Age Baggy." That would be awesome, but the truth—based on the one song I've heard by Spesh (Michael McKinney, Sergio Miraz [the first two are former members of pop-punk faves Boyfriends], Brian Yeager [Deep Creep, Cute Lepers], and Morgan Dixon)—is slightly different.

"Teflon" is actually a refulgent gust of anglophile rock—but not just any anglophile rock. No, Spesh's anglophilia is of a refined nature: Think the House of Love, Adorable, and Ride—Creation Records bands who favor blurred yet crystalline guitar textures and melodies that swirl with a turquoise lushness. This song displays a perfect poise between mild optimism and subtle melancholy, and after listening to it nine times today, I'm not in the least tired of it. With enough payola and reviews like this one, it could be a hit.

Describing "Teflon," Spesh say that it "was written to capture a short blip in time which everyone experiences at least once, if not many times in their lives. A beautiful, confusing, sad, and wonderful feeling that cannot be articulated in words, but is more of a feeling. It was written in early January of 2018 in Seattle, WA and inspired by drab rainy weather, and the lack of opportunity to spend any significant amount of time outside. Where better to spend your time but in your own head with a friend from your past and a pretty tune?" The song appears on Spesh's debut album, Famous World (out September 28).