When I saw the announcement for Lemonade Day Party, I immediately thought it was a Beyonce thing. Then I wondered if it was a national “holiday” (you know, all those random days celebrating ice cream and donuts and such?). But National Lemonade Day is actually the first Sunday in May.

So WTF is Lemonade, aka Lemonade Day, aka Lemonade Sundays, aka Lemonade Sunday Day Party? It’s an annual series of every-other-Sunday parties thrown by Possi Culture Studio that happen in the summer, during the day, at Bar Ciudad in Georgetown (it’s Ciudad’s around-the-corner walkup bar that serves house-made rotisserie chicken and various snacks). There’s a picture of a sign from a past event that reads, “When life gives you some weak shit, make lemonade,” and I dig the sentiment.

I cannot claim to be an expert on canned cocktails, but I've tried all three of the Half-Seas varieties. Basically, each 200ml (6.8 oz) can is 12 percent ABV (the average for beer is 4.5 percent, just for a point of reference), has added effervescence (apparently champagne level 30psi carbonation), and are made with real spirits (not malt or other fermented alcohols).

Because of the high ABV, it doesn't take much to get a buzz (I'm a lightweight and was tipsy on one-and-a-half cans), it was a nice light buzz, and while I did get a tremendous headache a few hours after I imbibed, it was hard to tell whether it was because of the canned cocktails, or because I operate in a state of perpetual dehydration. Either way, I’d drink them again, and even buy a pack of the Daquiris (Whole Foods Markets and Total Wine & More sells them for around $15.99). For now, I'm definitely into the idea of going to Lemonade and day-drinking some more for free.

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