Orange idiot says it's environmentalism...

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President Donald Trump on Sunday cryptically blamed the sweeping wildfires in California, that have killed at least 21 people, on “bad environment laws” and suggested that the state should cut down trees to prevent the fire spread.

Religious idiot says it's the gays...

Radical anti-LGBTQ radio host and pastor Kevin Swanson said on his “Generations” radio program today that the wildfires that are ravaging California are God’s punishment on the state for its years of attempting to “legitimize the sin of homosexuality... God is burning down California in 2017 and 2018 after about 25 years of leading the pack to legitimize the sin of homosexuality in that state,” Swanson declared.

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Scientists say climate change is making wildfires worse, wildfire season longer, and worse is to come...

Much of the heat that’s gripped California and hastened the spread of deadly wildfires recently is due to a strange but familiar shift in the jet stream—one that’s haunted the West with threatening fire conditions in the past and could cause more hot, dry spells in the future, especially with a changing climate. The jet stream, the river of wind high above the Northern Hemisphere, has been weaker and wavier in the past few weeks, scientists say. Instead of pushing weather systems along as it usually does, it’s allowing the patterns to stagnate. Not only has this meant searing temperatures for the West Coast, where the hot spot of Death Valley averaged a record 108 degrees last month, but also for Scandinavia and Japan. Norway and Sweden flirted with a rare 90 degrees at the Arctic Circle this week, while the Japanese city of Kumagaya recently landed that nation’s highest-ever temperature: 106.

Who to believe?!?

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