Just over a year ago, Landmark Theatres suddenly shut down the Seven Gables and Guild 45th theaters. At the time, the company claimed the theaters were only being renovated, but many in the industry did not believe this story. The consensus was that the theaters had seen their last days. In Seattle, all that remains of the company—which is based in Los Angeles, and is partly owned by Mark Cuban, the celebrity billionaire and owner of the Dallas Mavericks—is Shoreline's Crest Cinema Centre.

The big news today is that the e-commerce corporation dat rules tings 'round here, mon, Amazon, "wants to acquire Landmark Theatres," which still has 50 movie theaters in big cities across the country.

This is Geekwire's analysis:

A theater chain would give Amazon another venue for extending its existing services and experimenting with new technologies. In the grocery sector, the company has integrated Amazon Prime into its Whole Foods stores, and tried new retail concepts such as its Amazon Go convenience stores, with a cashier-less checkout system.

Landmark's website for Seven Gables and Guild 45th are still dead. But here is some interesting information: Landmark put the property for Seven Gables on the market at the end of 2017. But it was taken off the market a little less than two months ago. The meaning of this recent move could not be determined or even suggested because Landmark has not returned my e-mail on the matter. As for Guild 45th, that property is still on the market. If Amazon buys the company, would these beloved Seattle theaters return? And if they return, will they be fully automated like Amazon Go? Robot theaters for Prime members?