Its this photo here of an apple wearing googly eyes.
Thanks to a Slog reader for unearthing it.

A few weeks ago, in a round-up of Sean Nelson's best writing for The Stranger, I included a link to his 2004 interview with a Honeycrisp apple.

Unfortunately, as I discovered, our web archive does not include the photo that accompanied the story, probably because 2004 was before a back-end changeover to our content management system. But a reader spotted that post and in response to my statement that "the art seems to have disappeared online," wrote to us to say: "It lives on my fridge."


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Long live print.
Long live print. Photo by Jennifer

"The interview/photo (synergy!) was the funniest GD thing I had ever seen, so I kept it," Jennifer explained. It has been on her fridge nearly 15 years.