Vaccinate your kids, you hippies: That's insulting to hippies. I meant "idiots." That's cause there is nothing “cool” or “alternative” about being the dumb fuck who doesn’t vaccinate their kids. There’s at least one documented case of measles in King County. In case you didn’t know, there’s also a measles outbreak happening in Europe right now. According to multiple sources, this outbreak has been driven by the anti-vaxxer movement cult. Some places in Europe currently have lower immunity than some parts of Africa. Vaccinate your kids.

Experience music on the meadow! Final ZooTunes lineup announced!

More delays for metro: The plan was to get wire-powered trolley buses for Madison Street bus-rapid transit, reports the Seattle Times. These vehicles were voted for as part of the 2015 Move Seattle levy. Just like everything these days it seems, they were too good to be true. The manufacturer doesn’t have the right type of bus available. The allotted money hasn’t been spent yet because the powers-that-be haven’t decided which type of vehicle to order yet. That will likely delay the project.

Northern winds are out to get us today: There was sweet, glorious relief for a spell this weekend. We even had some rain. Did I catch a cold from it? Or maybe that’s the smoke coming back. Reports say air quality could dip back into “moderate” territory later this afternoon. That’s not too bad, but it might be hazier than it was this weekend. Whether it’s the smoke or not, I’ve taken a DayQuil for this headache. I can keep you posted on how this pans out for me.

The National Weather Service is optimistic: I live my life based off of these tweets.

Rob Johnson, hero of the trees? The councilmember is trying to save Seattle’s urban forest, reports Crosscut. But, the pro-tree faction of the city says he’s not doing enough. Part of this is that Johnson’s plan would remove critical protections for big trees. The last time a tree ordinance was passed in King County was in 2008. Johnson’s proposal isn’t all that bad, but tree activists want more.

Speaking of yesterday's gloriously moist reprieve:

Bill Gates and the US Energy Department team up to save the world: The new power (lol) couple want to develop small nuclear reactors together that will power a more efficient future. The reactors are “molten salt reactors” that have been around since the 1960s. Gates and his company TerraPower have teamed up to pimp these out. The reactors use liquid salts as a coolant and a fuel. We should pitch "Pimp My Reactor" to MTV. God knows they need better content these days.

Meanwhile, Amazon is opening another Amazon Go store: Jeff Bezos knows exactly what we need, and it’s another completely automated convenience store a mile away from the existing one. It opens today at Fifth Avenue and Marion Street. T h a n k y o u J e f f.

John McCain is dead: There are some complicated feelings around the Arizona senator. McCain was 81. Dying is a bummer, no matter who you are. You can quote me on that. Not everyone thinks that. People are reading into this picture:

Two people shot and killed in Jacksonville, Florida: It was during a video game tournament for Madden NFL. The shooter was also killed from a self-inflicted wound. The tournament was being broadcast live on Twitch, a popular live streaming service. The shooting was thus seen in real time by anyone tuning in to the tournament. One of the victims, Elijah Clayton, 22, was in my graduating class in high school. I didn’t know him. There are news vans all over the high school this morning.

Seattle’s gaming community is concerned for PAX West: The video game convention starts on Friday at the Washington State Convention Center in Seattle. According to past attendees, the security has been lax in the past. Attendees are calling on security to tighten up.

There’s a Tesla semi-truck: It’s self-driving. Elon Musk, our favorite beleaguered billionaire, said the truck drove across the country alone. That means there was still a backup driver but there were no escort vehicles and it relied on the existing Tesla Supercharger network, not the still-to-come Megacharger network, according to techradar. Is this the future of trucking? My expert opinion says probably not. Did you know that truck driving is the most common job in America? I did. I know a lot about trucking these days.

There’s a sexually frustrated dolphin terrorizing French beaches: A beach in Brittany has closed. It’s as dire as Jaws. A dolphin named Zafar is in heat. He keeps rubbing himself against tourists and won’t let them leave the beach at times.

A Southern Californian man was busted for stealing 800 pounds of lemons: He was, ironically, arrested at the intersection of Pierce Street and Grapefruit Boulevard.

Tonight's best Seattle entertainment options include: The five-course Filipino drinking food tasting menu 5 Plates of Pulutan, a reading with Nancy Rommelmann, whose book To the Bridge looks into the 2009 case of a mother who threw her children off of Portland's Sellwood Bridge, and the Yellow Fish Durational Performance Art Festival.