We’re incredibly excited to promote our spectacular editorial designer Jessica Stein to the well-deserved role of Art Director.

Before joining The Stranger in 2016, Jessica has worked as a photographer, photographing babies, newlyweds, and frothy glasses of beer. As a designer, she’s worked for breweries, magazines, and in the freelance arena. Passionate about photography, language, and travel, she’s seen a lot of the world and tried a lot of beer.

In college, she studied literature in Germany, plus figure drawing, art history, painting, and Italian in Rome. A true globetrotter, she’s racked up time in the Netherlands, Switzerland, France, Austria, Denmark, England, Iceland, Cambodia, Thailand, China, Vietnam, and the Philippines. Throughout the process, she earned a BA in German with a minor in Photography and Graphic Arts.

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The daughter of two newspaper designers who met at the Houston Chronicle in 1978, Jessica has the passion for editorial design flowing through her veins.

We’re so thrilled to have her at the helm‚ look out for some great covers in the future!

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