Chong the Nomads new single is a helluva quirk out.
Chong the Nomad's new single is a helluva quirk out. Lester Black

Chong the Nomad, “Ghosts in the Shower” (self-released)

It's always nice when a performer you've never seen before stuns you at a music festival, and then follows that up with a new track that keeps your enthusiasm escalating. Such is the case with "Ghosts in the Shower," the new single by Seattle multi-instrumentalist/vocalist Chong the Nomad (aka Alda Andara Agustiano), who wowed the crowd at this year's Capitol Hill Block Party with radically funky set of trap bangers augmented by harmonica, ukulele, and beatboxing. She proved herself to be an individualistic and dynamic voice in a genre heavy on imitation.

"Ghosts in the Shower"—which Agustiano says is "about a ghost that sang back to me in my own bathroom"—almost bears a novelty-funk aura, like Mr. Oizo infiltrated by the spirit of Laurie Anderson. The lumbering, truculent rhythm contrasts wildly with the zany kazoo parps, plinky arpeggios, panting, chants, and slapstick synth squawks. It's a soundtrack for slow-motion bumping and grinding, and it doubles as an instant smile-bringer. I hope "Ghosts in the Shower" gets released on 12-inch vinyl, as I'd want to spin this in DJ sets to watch people's WTF? expressions morph into unabashed glee.

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Chong the Nomad performs Friday, October 5 at the Crocodile with Flint Eastwood and Somme and Thursday October 11 at Nectar Lounge with Stas THEE Boss.