Experience music on the meadow! Final ZooTunes lineup announced!

Last-minute recommendation for fans of the exhilarating acid-blues-rock unit Group Doueh, who play a prominent role in a film titled Oulaya's Wedding, which screens at 8 pm at Northwest Film Forum. A collaboration between Raw Music International and former Seattle label Sublime Frequencies, the documentary is directed and produced by Hisham Mayet, Cyrus Moussavi, and Brittany Nugent.

Group Doueh play what their label calls "raw and unfiltered Saharawi music." As anyone who caught the band's 2011 show at Nectar Lounge can attest, their intense Western Sahara Desert blues-rock makes American bands' version sound earthbound. Due to Sublime Frequencies' proselytizing, Group Doueh's hypnotic, spiritual aural mirages have dispersed from their African origins to open Western minds.

After the screening, two of the film's directors will be in attendance to answer questions and there'll be a DJ set of music from the Northwest African desert region. You can purchase tickets here and check out the trailer below.