Please consider this idea. It sounds batshit crazy, I know, but let's make racism so gay the racists can't stand it anymore.

I'm tired of the Confederate battle flag. It represents the worst in white people, and is a banner for those who would take pride in toothless cousin-fuckery. It also represents the ability to openly proclaim a belief that a group of people should be enslaved, tortured and quite possibly murdered not only for the color of their skin, but for the financial gain of said toothless cousin fuckers. So let's get off our ass and fix it because Walmart banning cakes ain't going to cut it, and frankly you running your mouth about the racism of white people or Trump supporters or people that own guns doesn't do a damned thing either.

The fastest and most permanent fix is if you got the most overt and flamingly gay man you can find to wear a Confederate flag proudly — shirt hat belt buckle, doesn't matter. March in the next pride parade waving one. Remake them in rainbow colors. Tell gay men to lay those flags down, turn a camera on, and fuck all over them, then use that flag to mop up the santorum and wave it around on Xtube and Pornhub for other gay men to fap to. Every dic pic on Grindr should have a confederate flag backdrop. Jump in the back of a pickup with confederate flags waving and go to town on each other while you drive around. Instead of protesting old confederate monuments and statues, just have gay orgies at them and turn them into the preferred cruising spot in any city dumb enough to leave the statues up. See another guy wearing some sweet confederate gear? Tell him he's got a tight ass and you want a taste. Truck parked with one? Leave him a sexy note about how hard that flag makes your cock. Sky is the limit, just have fun with it.

You won't like this, no gay men will like this, black people aren't going to be huge fans either, but no one, NO ONE, is going to flip shit like everyone who currently loves that flag and all those racist god damned confederate war memorials will. When they say, "The south will rise again!", one gay dude telling them back, "Oh yeah, I'm getting hard again", is going to completely shut them down. Instead of antifa throwing rocks in Charlottesville, just start fucking in the streets. An onslaught of gay guys in Confederate hot pants might actually bridge the divide between other minority groups and the gay community.

The Cocks Shall Rise Again

Not exactly a sex question... but definitely the letter of the day and, no, I did not make it up.

TCSRA: Your idea will not only result in a lot of dead gay dudes in Confederate hot pants — gay dudes bashed to death (and not just by by racists) — but it won't bridge any divides between "other minority groups" and the gay community. (The gay community itself is a multi-racial, multi-ethnic, multi-faith/non-faith community. Please make a note of it.)

And I hate to break it to you, TCSRA, but your idea — attempting to co-opt the Confederate flag — has already been tried and it failed:

Kanye West is selling “Yeezus” Tour t-shirts emblazoned with the confederate flag. While we’re not shocked by this controversial move — we’re also not amused. Nevertheless, we’ve been patiently waiting for the outspoken star to explain why he decided to use the historically racist symbol for his Wes Lang designed concert merch. That moment came during an interview [when the] rapper shared his thoughts on the backlash he’s getting about the products and his aim to re-appropriate the flag: “React how you want. Any energy you got is good energy. You know the confederate flag represented slavery in a way — that’s my abstract take on what I know about it. So I made the song ‘New Slaves.’ So I took the Confederate flag and made it my flag. It’s my flag now. Now what are you going to do?”

Kanye West said that in 2013. We've since seen what they're gonna do.

If Kanye West couldn't do it then — pre-palling-around-with-Donald-Trump Kanye West — random/clueless/exhibitionistic gay dudes aren't gonna be able to do it now. Some symbols are too hateful, too poisonous, and too blood-drenched to ever be re-appropriated, repurposed, or redeemed.


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