So this confidential note appeared at the end of this week's Savage Love, which went live early last night...

Experience music on the meadow! Final ZooTunes lineup announced!

CONFIDENTIAL TO AMERICAN CITIZENS EVERYWHERE: Furious about Brett Kavanaugh? Me, too. That's why I donated to the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee. Our only hope of protecting a woman's right to choose, voting rights, LGBTQ rights, the environment, organized labor—our only hope for blocking Trump's anti-everyone-and-everything agenda—is to take back the US House and Senate this November. If the Democrats control the House come January (which looks likely), they can impeach Kavanaugh; if they control the Senate come January (a longer shot but within reach), they can put Kavanaugh on trial—and that means a full investigation into all the allegations against him, including the numerous ways in which he perjured himself during his confirmation hearings.

...and this news broke this morning:

As of this writing, FiveThirtyEight’s Senate forecast gives Democrats a 28 percent chance of retaking the upper chamber this November. But Michael Bloomberg is about to buy the party a better one. This week, the billionaire (and potential 2020 candidate) pledged $20 million to the Senate Democrats super PAC... Bloomberg had previously pledged $80 million to Democratic House candidates.

NYMag's Eric Levitz credits Bloomberg's disgust with the GOP's handling of the Ford/Kavanaugh hearing. But that hearing took place last Thursday — it seems like decades ago — and Bloomberg didn't get around to making this donation until after my column went live. So it's obvious, isn't it? Michael Bloomberg is a Savage Love reader and if his $20 million donation helps the Democrats take the Senate... that was all me, baby, all me. I built that.

Savage Love Truthers will argue that Bloomberg could've made the donation immediately after the hearing and we didn't find out about it until after my column came out. I REJECT THIS HYPOTHESIS. The facts here are clear: Michael Bloomberg, billionaire, is a "Savage Love" reader and when I say jump/donate he says, "How high/much?"

Be like Mike and do what I'm telling you to do: get out your credit card and make a donation to the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee.