Fucking fucker fucking being such a fuck.
Fucking fucker fucking being such a fuck. Getty Images / Pool

Republicans Senators, the Federalist Society, and Donald Trump have successfully conspired to make Brett Kavanaugh an associate justice of the Supreme Court. They pushed him through three credible allegations of sexual assault, two bullshit hearings from the Senate Judiciary Committee, and a sham FBI investigation. They framed Dr. Christine Blasey Ford's, Deborah Ramirez's, and Jill Swetnick's stories as a Democratic conspiracy designed to take down a "good man" who made several false and misleading claims to the Senate under oath, and that was enough to win. In the 50-48 vote on the Senate floor, Sen Joe Manchin was the only Democrat to vote for Kavanaugh. Republican Sen. Lisa Murkowski voted "present."

Sen. Susan Collins of Maine paved the way for Manchin to fold after she announced her support for Kavanuagh in a long speech full of contradictions during yesterday's cloture vote. You can donate money to her future opponent in the 2020 Senate race here. They've already raised over $3 million.

An extreme conservative ideology will dominate the Court for at least another generation. Expect the Justices to whittle away at women's rights, minority rights, workers' rights, and voting rights over the course of several years. Naked corporate power and money in politics will flourish under this court.

Before we get all up in our own asses about how Kavanaugh's nomination only shows how "divided" we are as a country, let's just lay out what the actual political spectrum should have been here. Those on the left should have argued that Trump was unfit for office and so should not have been given the authority to pick a Supreme Court Justice in the first place. Someone with a moderate or "centrist" view should have been pulling for Merrick Garland to be given a hearing for the open seat, given that his seat was stolen. Republicans should have called for the President to pick a judge with an ideology and temperament closer to retiring Justice Anthony Kennedy. Only a despicable, corrupt, intellectually bankrupt far-right asshole could vote to confirm Kavanaugh after the way he's behaved these last three weeks. Looks we've got 50 of them in the Senate right now.

Sure, we’re a “divided” country—but the proportions aren’t equal. We’re being governed and gaslit by a President who lost the popular vote and a party that will break every rule on its path to secure enduring power for the wealthy. These people do not represent the majority view in this country, which hopefully will become much more apparent on November 6th.