No luck for Lolita.
No luck for Lolita. sethakan/Getty Images

Despite Lummi Nation’s efforts, captive orca will remain captive: Lolita is a southern resident orca whale who was captured off Whidbey Island in 1970. She lives and performs at Miami’s Seaquarium in the smallest orca aquarium in the country. The Lummi Nation has been campaigning for Lolita’s release and petitioned the court system to reopen a case concerning Lolita’s treatment. The petition was rejected.

King County to house homeless people in jail: Yep! That’s a real sentence. The west wing of the King County Jail, which shut down in 2012, will be opened up to provide space for the homeless. There will be 125 to 150 beds. That’s a lot of shelter space. The optics on this are… messy, but I suppose desperate times call for desperate measures. And, as King County Executive Dow Constantine pointed out today, winter is coming. It’ll cost $2 million to renovate and an annual $2 million in operating costs.

Your garbage will get picked up eventually: Waste Management canceled garbage collection on Thursday because of the Puget Sound Energy pipeline that burst in British Columbia. PSE urged customers to preserve natural gas and electricity while the problem was rectified. Waste Management followed instructions. Their trucks run on natural gas. Everything is back to normal now! If your garbage wasn’t picked up today, fear not. You won’t have to live in squalor much longer.

Washington’s history-making could-be carbon fee is ahead in the polls: According to Crosscut, Initiative 1631 has a 14-point lead in the polls. This is big, history-in-the-making stuff, especially as the world is reckoning with the harsh realities of climate change and our inevitable doom (in 22 years). I-1631 would tax carbon polluters and put the money gained from the fee toward environmental solutions. You can read more about it in our endorsements. The biggest takeaway from these updated polls is how crucial young people are to this fee passing. If you are a young person please vote!

Exhibit A: This is from Canada but still. Look at these demographics:

Tacos Chukis is expanding to the Central District: The not-so-secret hole in the wall taco place off of Broadway has seen steady expansion into South Lake Union and Beacon Hill. But, their new headquarters will be in the Central District at the base of The Central, a new mixed-use apartment building on 23rd and Union. It opens Saturday.

Heads up for weekend traffic:

There’s a women’s tackle football team in Seattle and they’re holding tryouts: There’s football for femmes! All are welcome on Sunday at the Arena Sports Mill Creek to try out for the Seattle Spartans football team. I’m tempted to go. I’ve never played football before but— not to brag—my hand-eye coordination is to die for.

Welcome to the Dystopia: That should be a new segment on here. Anyway, welcome to our dystopia, enjoy your stay.

Global economy could be in jeopardy! Major U.S. indexes dropped 2 percent. Major sell offs have been happening globally. Market damage was strong in China, where tensions are high from the trade war with the U.S.

Ebola outbreak in Democratic Republic of Congo rages on: The outbreak started in July. It shows no sign of shopping. It’s an active war zone. This is adding to the challenge of controlling the outbreak.

Google street view tears a couple apart: A photo on Google street view showed a woman stroking a man’s hair. It wasn’t her husband. Nor was it her husband’s hair. They got divorced.