9.9 percent, baby!
9.9 percent, baby! xavierarnau/Getty Images

Slog PM is brought to you by this mystery crowler from Ravenna Brewing Company: This little brewery is my favorite. Heads-up, I'm biased because my roommate works there. But there's no place that rivals Ravenna when it comes to charm. Also, they have an impressive tap list.
This picture is dark and I dont care. What do I look like, a photographer?
This picture is dark and I don't care. What do I look like, a photographer? NG

I forgot what this crowler (can+growler) is full of because I swiped it from home. It's definitely an IPA. But what isn't an IPA these days? Anyway, this beer goes down smooth. It tastes like sun-kissed shoulders and its got a sort-of tang to it, like when a wave crests over your head while you're mid-conversation. It's got me thinking these sunny skies will stick around and is definitely getting me through the last dregs of Friday.

Washington state has the highest number of women in construction: In Washington, 9.9 percent of construction workers are women. That’s the highest number in the country. This column points out that as baby boomers are retiring there will be more room for women. But, it also disturbingly details the culture women face in the construction industry. It talks about one drywall apprentice in Woodinville who was called out to a worksite at 3 a.m. by her foreman. According to charging papers, he raped her and then made her work five hours. Then, the article goes on to say that she was raped by two other workers a few weeks later. Jesus.

Tacoma is getting Bird scooters, too? Goddamn, Tacoma is Scotter Town USA now. The Santa Monica-based scooter is making a name for itself in Tacoma, along with Lime’s e-scooters. Seattle, meanwhile, is scooter-less. Though, some people were able to test drive the Lime scooters in Westlake center today. In a quartered off square of Westlake Center, mind you.

Grocery tax struggling in the polls: Initiative 1634 aims to ban future food taxes statewide. Basically, Big Soda really isn’t keen on having any more soda taxes like the one implemented in Seattle this year. However, despite throwing their financial weight behind the initiative, 1634 is falling behind in the polls. Only 31 percent of voters Crosscut polled are in support of it. It’s behind 20 points in the polls. Put that in your soda can and suck it, Big Soda.

Missing snowboarders’ bodies found on Mount Baker: Two snowboarders went missing last November. Both of their remains were found on the mountain in the last three weeks, one as recently as Wednesday. Their cause of death is still undetermined.

The New York Times released a map of every building in America: Who doesn’t love a good map? No, we don’t use the ol’ paper ones like we used to. Well, I never really did because by the time I was responsible for navigating myself around the smartphone was all the rage. But, boy, maps are great. Using data from a neural network Microsoft trained to analyze satellite imagery, the team at The Times compiled it. They noticed patterns. Give it a glance, take a gander. See what patterns your eye finds. It’s lovely.

Florida bus takes a dip: The bus was being redirected and somehow veered off the road, through a wooden fence, and into a swimming pool. There were nine children on board. No one had serious injuries, despite the frankly alarming human head-sized crack in the windshield.

Stephen Hawking’s last paper was published today: Okay, listen. I’m going to try to break this down for you, but I honestly don’t quite get it. The paper is all about the black hole paradox, the issue that Hawking was focused on for decades. The question of this paper circulates around—as I understand, it which should be taken with a grain of salt—whether information can permanently be deleted from the universe. The paper asserts that something called soft hair (you look it up, I only have so much space) can store entropic information about stuff that fell into a black hole.

Let this bear shop in peace! She’s doing her best.

I’m going down to Eugene for the Husky game: Football, as we all know, is not one of my favorite pastimes. But, I am UW alum and my brother is a UO alum so it’s, as they say, “a thing.” Also, he has two small kittens that I need to see. But, as much as my school rivalry tells me to scream a hearty “fuck the ducks,” I just don’t care that much anymore. Their fight song is catchy. Oh, and this video made me cry:

14 deaths from hurricane Michael: So far. Some of the areas hit the hardest haven’t reported yet. The medical examiner in charge of six counties in the Florida Panhandle said he couldn’t release any information. If you recall those devastating images from Mexico Beach, the Florida Panhandle was flattened by Michael. We can only assume that there’s worse news still to come.

Facebook’s value has dropped 30 percent since July: Investors have been jumping ship ever since Facebook revealed its platform had been hijacked multiple times by outside forces. You know, like Russia. Most recently, 29 million users had their information accessed by hackers. But, that’s only the most recent breach.

Remember the headline of the week from Stephen Miller’s third-grade teacher? The teacher told the Hollywood Reporter that Trump’s top political advisor ate glue and was a loner. The teacher has been suspended because of that article.

A devoted reader submitted her own headline of the week: It's a good one. I'm excited to go another weekend without seeing A Star is Born.