Dronebeard is available for your next mycological trivia night.
Dronebeard is available for your next mycological trivia night. Audrey Svenson

DJ DRONEBEARD (aka ADAM SVENSON; Hollow Earth Radio)

The Largest Gathering of Fans of the Macabre! Crypticon | May 3-5 | DoubleTree Hotel Seattle Airport

Current top 5 tracks:

"It's fall, so I'm feeling deliciously chill yet brooding."

Bongwater, "One So Black" (Shimmy Disc)

Michael White, "Ballad for Mother Frankie White" (Impulse!)

Tim Buckley, "Dream Letter" (Elektra)

Crevice, "Anchorless" (Fort Evil Fruit)

Mimi and Richard Farina, "Raven Girl" (Vanguard)

Crew/label affiliation: "DJ at Hollow Earth Radio [the Edge of the Ape Oven show] and big cheese at Eiderdown Records."

Styles played: "Generally you'll find me mixing up some sprawling psych jams, drone, free jazz, folk, and other outsider sounds."

DJing philosophy: "As a late-night DJ, my philosophy is to create an atmosphere of dream states. My perfect DJ set sounds like the things you hear coming from the radio in the next room at 3 am. I'd like to give a shout out to DJ Riz for showing me how to pleasantly surprise by mixing different genres and blending them just right into narcoleptic styles."

Format: "I prefer vinyl and cassettes, but it's been great to use Bandcamp as a DJ tool, as well. So many great things to discover on that platform that may never get an analog release."

Worst request: "Ha, had someone ask for Britney Spears once at a DJ gig at a bar. I was more shocked than insulted, considering what I had been playing all night: lounge/exotica records seguing into surf-rock. Either they weren't paying any attention or they were really ready for a change of audio scenery."

Upcoming events: "You can catch me every Monday from 10 pm till midnight at Hollow Earth Radio 104.9 FM or streaming at hollowearthradio.org. You can catch up with my archive at https://www.mixcloud.com/duhexenhase/. I am also available for live events such as your next mycological trivia night or troll baby christenings. Hit me up!"