These people also probably think that slapping a womans butt is a compliment.
These people also probably think that slapping a woman's butt is a compliment. Sergey Tinyakov/Getty Images

Senator Joe Fain still has strong support despite rape allegations: His supporters have remained true and he still has the support of the Seattle Times’s editorial board as well as King County Councilwoman Kathy Lambert. Lambert was interviewed by KUOW and boy, does she have some backward views on sexual harassment. “When I was younger, slapping a woman on the butt was a compliment,” Lambert said. Several KCC members said in a press release that her views do not represent theirs when it comes to sexual assault.

Dumb white voter demographic may be shrinking: I don’t mean to put words in Gene Balk’s (the Seattle Times’ secret weapon, The Data Machine) mouth—he didn’t call anyone dumb—but his report on working-class white adults in Washington shows that the demographic is shrinking in Washington. The trend is reflected nationwide.

Seattle Public Schools’ bus routes are still a mess: There are still 35 bus routes that are experiencing delays of up to two hours. Why? There aren’t enough bus drivers. The school bus contractor has tried incentives like raising wages from $18 an hour to $22 an hour and including signing bonuses of up to $3,000. There have been some staffing improvements, but the entire process to get a new driver on the road is long.

Stop parking in front of The Goonies house, Astoria says: Apparently people keep flooding to this Oregon neighborhood for a chance to see the house from the famous '80s movie. The neighbors are fed up. The city council has proposed a mandate that would implement steep parking fines.

New tolls for the new tunnel: The State Route 99 tunnel will open in Seattle in January. It will be free until probably summer of 2019. Then the fees will start! They’ll range from $1 to $2.50 depending on time of day. Weekends are $1, though! Oh, also, there will be a three percent increase every three years beginning July 2022.

We’re so close to breaking this record: You know, I used to think breaking records was supposed to be a good thing. I’m not so sure these days. I think each temperature record we break is just the universe rubbing our inevitable doom in our faces. Soon we’ll win the Guinness World Record of “Only Country to Continually Deny Climate Change and Do Nothing to Stop the Death and Decay of Our Planet, Our Only Home.” It’s a catchy title.

This is dumb: I still like it so here, have it.

Amazon is selling its facial recognition software to cops: Its employees—450 of them—have signed a letter asking Amazon to cut this shit out. The Rekognition software can analyze images and videos and identify faces. In an anonymous post on Medium, an employee called out Amazon and said, “Companies like ours should not be in the business of facilitating authoritarian surveillance. Not now, not ever.”

LaCroix doesn’t actually contain cockroach insecticide: A lawsuit about LaCroix, the popular sparkling water brand that honestly isn’t even that good (except for the apricot flavor, that shit slaps), surfaced a little while back. The suit claimed LaCroix had cockroach insecticide in it. But, it merely has an ingredient—limonene—that also happens to occur in cockroach insecticides. It also naturally occurs in a number of plants as well as other places. Nothing to worry about maybe!

Peak 2018: Even though the US hasn’t taken a firm stance on what to do about Saudi Arabia, and President Trump is open to another version of events completely (“rogue killers” may be at fault!), Irish Scottish actor Gerard Butler has some thoughts. Oh, also a report came out that says Jamal Khashoggi was cut into pieces.

A good record was broken! For the first time in 25 years, New York City did not have a shooting over the weekend.