I'm a straight guy and I had a girlfriend a while back who was very into sucking my cock after it had been in her pussy. This was not something she did to just please me—though it did please me very much—and she was not bi or into other girls. It was her primary source of enjoyment and became central to our sex life, though not during her period which neither of us desired. I did some Googling and came up with the term P2M (pussy-to-mouth) for this act and there were very few hits, though there are many for the anal version.

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So I have a two-part question:

1. How common is this kink/desire/act? I'm guessing a lot of guys would love for their female partners to do P2M, but how many women are OK with it? And how many women are INTO it like my ex-girlfriend?

2. Is it OK for me to initiate P2M during sex with a new partner? Should it be negotiated beforehand? Should it be rolled out carefully as one would with an unusual or extreme kink? I've had a girl ask me to taste my ejaculate, which was no problem. Can I casually ask for P2M, assuming I will respect a 'no' answer?

Straight Boy Lacks Clever Acronym

Another numbered one-two punch/ask SLLOTD, just like yesterday's SLLOTD. If another one comes in tomorrow... then the numbered one-two punch/ask officially becomes a trend!

1. You did a little Googling, SBLCA, and discovered the ex-girlfriend's kink has a name. But you also learned something else: there aren't a lot of links to P2M porn, blogs, fetish sights, etc. So we can safely infer that P2M isn't a common kink. And while I imagine there are women out there who would be willing to do it—and while there doubtless scores of women out there who've P2M'd in the flow of sucking, fucking, sucking some more, and fucking some more (aka "vanilla sex")—there's a big difference between OK with it and INTO it.

2. The answer to, "Is it okay for me to initiate X during sex," depends on what you mean by "initiate." If you mean, "Can I just do it?" the answer is no, dude, you can't just Nike that shit. You have to ask—but asking is initiating. Technically "initiate" means to "cause a process or action to begin." By asking a woman if she would be up for a little P2M, you're causing the necessary process to begin—the process of asking for, negotiating, and receiving someone's hopefully enthusiastic consent, a chit-chatty process that could possibly lead to some cock-sucky action.

But for the record: you're free to ask for whatever you'd like to do, try, or experience, SBLCA, but it's a good idea—best practice—for a man to invite a woman to say "no" before proceeding to a sexual ask. Women are socialized to defer to men, women are conditioned to avoid saying no to men, and women are often legitimately afraid of men. To make sure her consent is real and enthusiastic, ask for the "no" first—if indeed the answer is no—before asking for anything else.

Don't put her in the position of having to assume you'll respect her "no." Tell her you will.

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