Steve Gonzalez
Steve Gonzalez Kelly O, emoji by Me

Supreme Court Justice Steve Gonzalez thankfully won his re-election campaign last night with a healthy 67.57 percent of the votes. That means his conspiracy-peddling opponent Nathan Choi will not sit on our Supreme Court.

Although, it's still sad that 517,636 people, or about 32 percent of voters, voted for Gonzalez's conspiracy-peddling opponent Nathan Choi.

Did these people not read the stories about Choi's bizarre record of running away from journalists, publishing Titanic conspiracy theories on his website, and being punished by the King County Bar Association for breaking campaign laws?

The man literally claimed in court to not know Washington's laws!!!

Fortunately, saner forces triumphed. Gonzalez will return to our state's highest court, where he will hopefully continue to build on his track record of thoughtful jurisprudence.

Now before you forget about this election and that our state even has a Supreme Court, I will leave you with my favorite Gonzalez story. The story of how Steve Gonzalez learned to speak Spanish, as told by Gonzalez to the Stranger Election Control Board:

I grew up only speaking English, but I wanted to learn Spanish. I took Spanish in high school and I had a very bad teacher. I got a D. I had never had a C in my life but I got a D in Spanish. So, I thought, ‘Oh my God I can’t learn foreign languages.’ I had a mental block and an insecurity complex about it and I thought–this is a 17-year-old brain–if I can learn Japanese then I can get over that and then learn Spanish. So, I applied to study abroad my sophomore year in College. I lived with a family and had a great time and learned the language pretty well. And was so excited about it I decided to major in East Asian studies. I went to China and lived there and got a scholarship to do graduate work in Japan after I graduated, went back for two more years to Japan, and then, when I had two months before I went to law school, I went to Guatemala for two months and finally learned to speak Spanish.