Slog PM tonight is brought to you by the calabrese salami pizza and this ridiculously zesty sour ale at The Masonry: If flavors were a rainbow they would be this slice of pizza that I cannot stop eating and will never forget. Listen, I love a salami and this salami is—how do you even describe salami? salty?—decadent. BUT that's not what makes it. It packs a punch with a layer of calabrian hot peppers and the goat cheese. Oh... the goat cheese. It's rich, richer than I'll ever be, and I might marry it. This sour ale on the other hand is lubricating the joints of my fingers and making me type all this fucking nonsense.

Lester Black, our resident lover-of-fun-things-to-put-in-your-body (weed and beer, mostly, but who knows how he'll expand his repertoire), describes it like cherry pie. It's cherry, definitely, but I'm feeling more cherry Jolly Rancher mixed with—Honestly, Lester tried to teach me how to drink beer and I absorbed none of it. I absorbed the beer, though. And this pizza. God is good, this beer is sweet. Happy Friday.

Columbia Journalism Review does a deep dive into newsroom diversity: And one of the case studies it uses is the culture at the Seattle Times. The Times, the biggest paper in the Pacific Northwest, is 75 percent white. Staffers say there are essentially two newsrooms—older staffers who have the respect of leadership and are content in their roles, and young journalists who feel overlooked and stressed out. “Morale is not high for any group, but young people, journalists of color, and women are all noticeably under the average in job satisfaction,” writes CJR.

You can hang out at the Sea-Tac airport if you don’t have a boarding pass: The Port of Seattle is letting non-ticketed persons enter terminals and walk to gates and grab an over-priced beer at the airport. It’s a pilot program called SEA Visitor Pass. Up to 50 people will be allowed entry past security without a boarding pass a day. You have to sign up online. The program goes until Dec. 14. All passengers still have to go through security—c’mon, this isn’t pre-9/11.

Skagit County residents want loggers to cut it out: They’re rallying to stop logging in a swath of 10 acres. Some of that land is a steep incline near residents’ homes. They’re worried logging will destabilize the hillside and result in a landslide. A valid concern.

Pioneer Square shooting Thursday night: It happened at around 11 p.m. just as Sounders fans were leaving CenturyLink after the playoff game against the Timbers (a disappointing loss, for what it’s worth). Someone was non fatally shot in the stomach. Apparently several people were involved. It is unclear whether the incident was linked to the soccer game.

November chill continues into the weekend: Our days are starting to end closer and closer to 4 p.m., the leaves on the trees are barely clinging on, and the temperature is taking a dive. Winter, here we come! This weekend, the chilly weather we’ve been experiencing will continue. The days will be sunny and the temperatures will remain in the 40s.

It’s snowing in the mountains: Fuck yeah, flurries!

The weather in California is… hot: California is on fire. The valley—all the valleys?—are burning like the physical manifestation of the hellscape I always knew and loved them to be. The Woolsey Fire is moving fast and eating up houses left and right. My friend from high school lost her family home this morning. One of my other friends said his family was evacuated but they have no idea how their house is. That fire is only miles away from my mom’s house. The sheriff literally just knocked on my mom's door and told her to evacuate. LIVE! But here's what happened throughout the day:

This fire in Northern California killed 5 people who were trapped in their cars: This is apocalyptic.

As is this:

The place where they filmed Westworld went up in flames: The Bachelor mansion in Agoura Hills is no more. That one feels a little symbolic.

No end in sight: This is truly hell.

It’s 2018 and no one’s job is safe! Artificial Intelligence can do it all. Look out Anderson Cooper and Brandi Kruse (they are on the same level obviously), China just unveiled the first ever AI news anchor. He’s charming, charismatic, and “learns from live broadcasting videos by himself and can read texts as naturally as a professional news anchor.”

Yelp’s advertisers jump ship: The popular review app’s third-quarter earnings report showed that advertisers were leaving the service in droves. Its stock tanked 32 percent.

Trump is now denying that he knows Matt Whitaker: Jeff Sessions's replacement, who was handpicked by Trump, has been criticized by the masses because of his bias in favor of Trump and against the Russian investigation. Trump is deflecting that criticism by saying he doesn't know Whitaker. Except that he's visited the oval office multiple times. And, in a Fox and Friends interview, Trump said this, according to the New York Times: “I can tell you Matt Whitaker’s a great guy. I mean, I know Matt Whitaker.”