“Mr. Avenatti was arrested just after 2 p.m. Wednesday and booked into jail on a felony charge of “domestic violence with visible injury” about two hours later, the police said. Mr. Avenatti was released from jail about 5:30 p.m. local time after posting $50,000 bail.“

Nathalie, you can’t report for shit.


just, Wow.

The perfect Democrat presidential candidate.


"unemployment rate in Washington dropped to a new historic low. "

Thank You, President Trump.
Thank You very much.


OK, Journalism 101 students;
today's assignment is to compare Nathalie's treatment of accusation against Avenatti to her treatment of accusations against Kavanaugh. ( if you sicken easily you may want to down a bottle of Dramamine before you begin...)


Jobland! Where you can get a job, but you have to live on the streets. Ba-dum, ching!


@4 FTW

That fucking Natalie is going to be a goddamn hypocrite for not opposing Avenatti's Supreme Court nomination by President Trump.


@4 Kavanaugh was a nominee for the supreme court and Avenatti is a lawyer who sued the president on behalf of a porn star he fucked


@ KKKim,

Meh, that was some weak, sad, dross, even for you.

Try screaming your morning one hundred “Heil Shitlers” and get back to us.



No one needs to contort themselves. All you need is to be able to see the big picture and recognize patterns rather than think that everything is an isolated example.


If you libruls are so smart, why is there still snow?

Checkmate Democraps.


Keep in mind that Seattle has been controlled by the far left for decades and everyday you see more and more homeless on the streets shooting up heroin and committing petty crime. And the Stranger refuses to tie the two together.

We can go on if you'd like....but the moral of the story is that The Stranger is a bunch of hypocrites. But they do create some entertaining shit throwing on line.


@9 my god really. Not saying liberals can’t be hypocrites but you somehow managed to choose an even dumber example than likening a supreme court justice to a media whore.


@9 Climate change deniers who actually believe their own propaganda are fucking morons


HUMANS drive for shit. ALL HUMANS EVERYWHERE. Pretty much nobody is mentally and physically qualified to operate an automobile, just look at the carnage. There is nothing that justifies the existence and use of the automobile.
The automobile is the biggest scam you ever gave your money to.


1 - Apparently you care a lot about the guy. Nobody else does.
You make the mistake of believing that your political opponents are snot-licking lackeys like you.


9 "- hypocritical thinking is a requirement..." and yet despite this you still pop up every day hoping someone will validate your pathetic POV.


@ 18,

Alex Jones is aleady on your side.


So this means that the only people who aren't working are people who don't want to or are disabled, right?



The unemployment rate is the percentage of those who want to work who do not have jobs, not the percentage of the population without jobs.

Children, the retired, those who have stopped seeking work, and those who are unable to work are not counted in Unemployment figures.

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